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Release Blitz: ‘Jock Blocked’ by Pippa Grant

Title: Jock Blocked
Series: Copper Valley Fireballs #1
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Romantic Comedy
 Release Date: May 19, 2020


She can’t let him score…

Call it superstition, but when a guy bats as hot as Brooks Elliott, you don’t mess with what’s working. And what’s working is him keeping his pants zipped and doing all of his scoring on the field.

So when I hear he’s planning to ditch his V-card now that he’s been traded to baseball’s lovable losers—aka my home team and my reason for living every March through October—I do what any rational, dedicated, obsessed fan would do.

I make a plan to stop him.

But the thing about stopping him is that it requires spending time with him.

Lots. And lots. And lots of time.

And the more time I spend with him, the more I like him. Not as the guy who’s going to help save my favorite team and finally bring home a championship ring, but as the guy who’s helping me in my quest to bring back the team’s old mascot. Who also loves making pancake and bacon sandwiches. And who would do almost anything for his love of the game.

But after all this time of jock-blocking him…do I even have a chance?

And if I do, are we both destined to a life of celibacy in the name of winning?


Jock Blocked is a home run of a romantic comedy featuring the world’s most superstitious sports fan, baseball’s oldest virgin hero, a rogue meatball, an adorable puppy with a cussing problem, and the best lovable losers. It stands alone and comes with a happily ever after more satisfying than a game-winning grand slam.




Mackenzie Montana, aka a woman on a mission


I never meant to become a criminal. But in the grand scheme of life, I don’t think I’m technically engaging in criminal behavior.

At least, if it is, you could call it a crime of passion.

And I am very passionate in my belief that while the Fireballs need to make changes to halt their record-breaking streak of being the worst losing team ever to play professional baseball, they don’t need to do it with a new mascot. Which is why I decided to take two weeks off work and fly to Florida for spring training, where I’m not saying that I’ve snuck into my home team’s ballpark after hours to steal the worst proposed mascot costume, but I’m not saying I haven’t either.


They actually let a meatball make the final cut.

I needed at least another full season to get over the fact that the new Fireballs ownership killed the last mascot, and here they are, letting fans vote on replacing Fiery the Dragon with flaming meatballs.

I snort to myself while I creep through the darkened concrete hallways with a flaming meatball swallowing half of my body.

If you’re going to steal a giant meatball costume, it’s best to act like you know what you’re doing. And striding out of here with zero shame means two things—one, no one’s going to stop me, and two, even if they do, I’m incognito.

It’s the perfect crime to counter the crime of killing Fiery.

I’m one turn away from the door that I left propped open for myself after hiding out in the family bathroom after today’s game when voices drift toward me.

One male.

One female.

Neither is familiar, but as I get closer to my final turn, I realize the voices are between me and my exit.

No biggie.

I got this.

I can stroll on by, flash a thumbs-up, pretend like I’m heading out to prank the Fireballs at the team compound they’re all staying at, or to make a fast-food run for publicity.

Acting like I know what I’m doing inside this mascot costume is as easy as breathing. When you’ve seen thousands of baseball games in your lifetime, it’s not hard.

So I turn the corner.

And then I suck in a surprised breath, because that’s Brooks Elliott.

Oh. My. God.

Brooks Elliott.

The Fireballs’ newest acquisition. Like, so new he arrived yesterday. A mid-spring training acquisition, which is practically unheard of.

He plays third base, and he hits the ball like it’s evil incarnate and he’s an avenging angel and it’s his job to send that evil into another dimension.

He could be the reason we legitimately have a shot at making it to the post-season.

And I am not going to hyperventilate like I did the last time I was face-to-face with a baseball player.

Pretending to be a mascot?

I got this.

Talking to the players?

It’s like talking to the gods.

Author Bio

Pippa Grant is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes romantic comedies that will make tears run down your leg. When she’s not reading, writing or sleeping, she’s being crowned employee of the month as a stay-at-home mom and housewife trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be productive members of society, all the while fantasizing about long walks on the beach with hot chocolate chip cookies.

Author Links

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Release Blitz: ‘Sweet Gone South’ by Alicia Hunter Pace

Title: Sweet Gone South
Series: Gone South #1
Author: Alicia Hunter Pace

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: April 7, 2020



Welcome to Merritt, Alabama, where summers are lazy, tea is sweet, and guests are always welcome.


Luke Avery needs a wife to help raise his motherless three-year old.

Candy shop owner Lanie Heaven desires a child but can never have her own.

When Luke moves into the apartment above Lanie’s shop, she can’t help falling for the sexy single dad and his sweet little girl.


Luke’s not planning to fall in love ever again–but easing the ache of loneliness with pretty Lanie isn’t falling in love.  Still, proposing to her could solve all his problems and give his child what she needs.


Lanie believes her dreams of love and family are finally coming true–until she is faced with evidence that Luke’s heart is locked away tight. Can Luke learn to slay his demons and put the past to rest? Or will he lose Lanie–and any hope that he might’ve had for a sweet life–forever?

Author note: “We hope you will enjoy this re-release from the Gone South series. Sweet Gone South, a stand alone novel, was originally published by Crimson Romance in 2012.”


Purchase Links

Easter Sunday.

There were lilies on the altar, the music was soothing, and the bells rang sweet. Behind her, Lanie heard a quiet chuckle go through the crowd. Highly unusual. Episcopalians were taught at an early age not to talk, laugh, or fidget after entering the sanctuary. This was a time to prepare to worship. Lanie resisted turning around, which was also against the rules—until she felt an insistent little finger tapping her shoulder.

She gave her head a quarter turn, and there sat Emma Avery—in a bee costume, complete with antennae, yellow and black tights, and little black shoes. Lanie bit her lip and met Emma’s bright smile. Then she slid her eyes to the left. Pressed and perfect Luke Avery didn’t look so pressed and perfect this morning. He looked like a man who had fought a war—a bad one. His hair lay in messy curls all over his head, his tie was crooked, and his face was damp with perspiration. He met her eyes and shook his head helplessly.

During the children’s moment, when all the preschoolers went to the altar to gather around Father Gregory, there were more chuckles throughout the congregation. As Emma sat among the other children wearing their smocked and embroidered finery, Father Gregory smiled broadly and said something about all God’s creatures gathering on Easter Sunday. When Emma passed Lanie on the way back to Luke, she leaned in and whispered, “Buzz.” Throughout the rest of the service—hymns, sermon, prayers, communion—Lanie fought her laughter. By golly, Emma had said she was “’posed to be honeybee,” and she was.

Luke and Emma were just stepping onto the sidewalk when Lanie descended the steps.

Emma jumped up and down and waved to Lanie. Luke looked like a man who wanted to leave the country. Town matriarch, genteel Caroline Brantley stopped and laid her hand on Emma’s cheek. Emma turned her bottom toward Miss Caroline and pretended to sting her. Miss Caroline threw back her head and laughed with delight. She patted Luke’s arm before moving on.

“Lanie! Here I am!” Emma called.

“I see you.” Lanie bent to accept her hug.

“Buzzz!” She bumped Lanie’s leg with her little soft sculpture stinger.

“Ouch! You stung me,” Lanie said.

“I stinged Father Greg too!”

“Yes,” Luke said wearily. “You’ve done a fine job of stinging today.” Emma stung Luke, probably not for the first time, before turning her attention back to Lanie.

“I’m going to Beau’s house. I’ll see the Easter bunny and find eggs.”

“No kidding? Guess what? I’m going to Beau’s house too.” She’d known they were going to Missy’s Easter brunch. She’d made Emma’s chocolate place card. But lots of people were going.

“Yay!” Emma turned to Luke. “Lanie’s going to Beau’s!”

“I heard. Do you think she’s going to have her picture taken with the Easter bunny?”

Just then, Miley Sanders and her little girl, Teresa, walked by in their matching floral mother/daughter dresses. Emma studied them for a second.

“Lanie, can you to be the same as me?”

“Hmm. That might be fun. But I don’t have a honeybee suit.”

“My daddy will buy you one.”

Lanie looked at Luke, who rolled his eyes and looked heavenward.

“That might be nice,” Lanie said. “But all the stores are closed and there’s no place to buy a honeybee suit today.”

“Oh.” Emma looked disappointed.

“I might have another idea. We wouldn’t be exactly the same, but I have a blue dress and you have your beautiful new blue dress. We could go home and put them on before we go to Beau’s.”

“I’m ’posed to be honeybee.”

“And you already have been. You’ve done a wonderful job of being honeybee. Now you can be the girl who wears her new blue dress.”

She considered for a moment. “Okay.”

Luke’s eyes met Lanie’s. “Okay? Just like that? Do you have any idea what I’ve been through this morning?”

“I might,” Lanie said.

Author Bio

Stephanie Jones and Jean Hovey write together as Alicia Hunter Pace.

Stephanie lives in Tuscaloosa, AL, where she teaches school and wishes for a bigger bookstore. She is a native Alabamian who likes football, civil war history, and people who follow the rules. She is happy to provide a list of said rules to anyone who needs them.

Jean, a former public librarian, lives in Decatur, AL, with her husband in a hundred-year-old house that always wants something from her. She likes to cook but has discovered the joy of Mrs. Paul’s fish fillets since becoming a writer.

Stephanie and Jean are both active members in the romance writing community. They write contemporary romantic comedy. They love to hear from readers.

Author Links

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Release Blitz: ‘Love Bank’ by Marika Ray

Title: Love Bank
Series: Jobs From Hell #1
Author: Marika Ray
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 6, 2020



In hindsight, maybe I should have known my biggest nemesis would end up locking up my heart.

Believe it or not, running a fertility clinic in Auburn Hill, located right next to a prison, isn’t the worst thing. Nope, the worst thing is the infuriatingly sexy warden of the new prison – who doesn’t care that his newly-released inmates are stopping by my clinic on their way out of town to make a “deposit” for some quick cash. Sure, it’s his circus, but according to him, those clowns aren’t his responsibility once they walk out the door.

Until one of them pulls a gun on me in a desperate robbery attempt and I realize I have to be a little more…ahem…persuasive with the warden. Stumbling upon him in a compromising position is just the leverage I need, and I’m not above a little blackmail. Turns out, he’s not above pushing me up against the door and kissing the hell out of me either.

Adding in ex-lovers, magical goats, scheming mayors, gossiping mail carriers, a man-hating mother, and nonstop seagull shenanigans makes me realize one thing.

Don’t bank on love developing here in Auburn Hell.


Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited


She pulled back abruptly and whisked the stack of paper off my desk. She slapped one of the flyers on my chest and walked back toward the door like that was the end of things.

I was getting real sick and tired of her discombobulating me like that. As a jail guard and now warden, I was used to people listening to me. I should be ending the conversation. Other people should jump to do my bidding. This role reversal was like one of those plastic tags on brand-new clothing that you accidentally leave in the fabric, causing it to scrape against your skin and lead to all kinds of irritation.

I hopped out of my chair and followed her, intent on putting my foot down like a man, while also placating her so she didn’t run to our fellow citizens and complain about me. I was dancing a fine line, but I was willing to two-step if for no other reason than to make sure Lucille didn’t get away with blackmail. Not on my watch.

As I stalked after her, I glanced down at the flyer, doing a double take when I saw the picture right smack dab in the center of the piece of paper.

“Come donate to the Coastal Fertility Bank” in all capital letters, centered over a picture of a specimen cup. But upon closer scrutiny, it wasn’t just any specimen cup. It was my specimen cup. With my goddamn name on it for all the world to see.

My feet halted their movement. Every single cell in my body flared to life with a stress signal. A state of emergency was declared inside my body, flooding my vision with a bright haze of red. My fingers tingled.

I was going to kill her.

The paper started to shake. Right before I crumpled it into my fist and tossed it to the ground. I looked up at her over by the door, seeing an entire ream of papers in her hand, all printed with my specimen cup front and center.

She cocked a hip and even with a level of anger I hadn’t felt in a very long time pulsing through my body, I noticed. I noted every little thing about her from her stiletto heels to the hair on her head that was finally down and so luscious I wanted to grab hold of it and tug.


“Oops. It’s pretty fuzzy. I’m sure people won’t be able to make out your name. Besides, I only put them up on a few poles on Brinestone Way so far.”

She wrinkled her pretty little nose and I took a step toward her. Then another. She’d already put them up?

Her eyes widened a fraction, seeing me advance on her. She waved the flyers around confidently, like she still had the upper hand. And fuck it all to hell, she did.

I didn’t like that. Not one bit.

Another step closer and some of that confidence faded.

“What are you doing?” Her voice hitched in the middle.

Another step and she backed up quickly.

One final step to put me toe to toe with her and she reared her head back, eyes wary, cheeks flushed. Her back pressed against my closed door and she couldn’t run. The devil in me, the one she’d backed into a corner with her blackmailing schemes, stood up and announced himself the winner of this situation. All I had to do was show her I wouldn’t be messed with.


I did what every hot-blooded male does when they’re so mad at a woman they can’t see straight.

I indulged in revenge.

My hand lifted, my fist releasing only long enough to drag my fingers through her hair and clench again, forcing her head to tip back with my forceful tug. My arm slid around her waist and in the back of my mind, I memorized the feel of her body pressed between me and the door. She gasped upon contact and I took full advantage.

My lips crashed down onto hers, their only mission to subdue and humiliate. My tongue swiped a taste of her lips and all hell broke loose. The red alert inside my body changed in an instant. Instead of wanting to eliminate her, I wanted to consume her right then and there so she’d always be a part of me. I wanted to breathe the same air and coexist in the same space as her body, just so I never had to let go of her silky skin. She fit perfectly against me, her curves smashed against my chest, her lips perfectly pliant as I explored.

A groan rent the air and I feared it was mine.


Author Bio

Marika Ray spends her time behind a computer crafting stories, walking the beaches of southern California, and making healthy food for her kids and husband whether they like it or not. Prior to writing novels, Marika held various jobs in the finance industry, with private start-up companies, and then in health & fitness. Cats may have nine lives, but Marika believes everyone should have nine careers to keep things spicy.

Marika enjoys writing all types of fiction novels, based on what inspires her. Right now she’s working on a new steamy RomCom series along with sweet romances to make your heart explode. All her books come with a money-back guarantee that you’ll smile at least once with every book.

More information can be found at www.marikaray.com


Author Links

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Release Blitz: ‘Marrying My Billionaire Boss’ by Nadia Lee

Title: Marrying My Billionaire Boss
Author: Nadia Lee
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 10, 2020



A bachelor auction, a wedding we don’t remember, and a baby we don’t recall making. FML.

I had a plan: move to LA, get a job, find the love of my life. Live happily ever after.

I was on track for this when being an assistant to gorgeous billionaire philanthropist Nate Sterling suddenly gets a whole lot more complicated. It’s a dream job…until he asks me to save him from a fur-bikini-wearing, totally psycho ex-girlfriend who is determined to win him at a charity bachelor

All I have to do is outbid her at the auction. Easy, right? But nobody told me Nate and I had to go on an extravagant Las Vegas date afterward. Everything goes off as planned…until Nate and I wake up the next day, hung-over, wearing identical golden wedding bands and with no memory of what happened the night before.

Cue major hyperventilation.

But it’s okay. Nothing that a quick marriage dissolution can’t solve…
Until the pregnancy test stick comes back with two pink lines.


Marrying My Billionaire Boss is a standalone romantic comedy with a sexy billionaire, his sassy assistant, a bachelor auction, a Vegas wedding and a surprise baby. Oh, and the most hilarious and sweet proposal scene ever. No cheating, no cliffhanger. Just lots of heat, heart and humor.
Grab it today!




Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nadia Lee writes sexy, emotional contemporary romance. Born with a love for excellent food, travel and adventure, she has lived in four different countries, kissed stingrays, been bitten by a shark, ridden an elephant and petted tigers.

Currently, she shares a condo overlooking a small river and sakura trees in Japan with her husband and son. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading books by her favorite authors or planning another trip.

Stay in touch with her via her website, http://www.nadialee.net, or her blog http://www.nadialee.net/blog


Author Links

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Book Review: ‘Cupid’s Anonymous’ by Lila Monroe

Title: Cupid’s Anonymous (Cupids Book 1)

Published: 16th July 2019

Publisher: Lila Monroe Books

Author: Lila Monroe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lilamonroebooks

Twitter: @lilawrites



Rule #1 Don’t get hit by your own arrow.

I’m a professional Cyrano – minus the honking great nose. Need a love note, raunchy sext, or apology letter so epic that your other half will forget you hesitated a beat too long when you asked, ‘does this make me look fat?’? I’ve got you covered. But when my most frequent client, the annoyingly charming (or is that charmingly annoying?) Dylan Griffin comes to me with an unconventional new job, I discover that three little words can add up to one BIG complication…

Because Dylan doesn’t want help seducing another swimsuit model (for once in his life). He wants my help winning over his high-school crush (aka, his one true love) – and he’s prepared to make it worth my while. Throw in a summer Catskills trip that’s equal parts ‘Dirty Dancing’ and dirty-talking, and this Cupid is soon out of her depth – and head over heels with the last man I expected. But can I find the right words when it comes to my own heart? Or will this happily ever end in disaster?

Find out in the sparkling new romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monro



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book your mum would love. Classic fun romcom read, what’s not to love.

Poppy is your personal Cyrano – need a helping hand finding just the right words of love, or maybe just an apology, she’s your girl. Her best and most frequent client is Dylan, someone who seems content to plough through most of New York, one right on from the other. He owns the Griffin hotels and thinks he has finally made something of himself. This all comes to a head in his mind when at a party he sees someone from his past – Jasmine, his unattainable dream girl. A crush from his geeky school days where he couldn’t string two sentences together around her – not much has changed with that then. Step in Poppy to the rescue. If she can make Jasmine fall in love with him he will give her $50k. Talk about an incentive – she could use the money to really push her business. But Jasmine is a hard nut to crack and her and Dylan just don’t click at all. Something him and Poppy seem to do in spades without realising it. That is until a drunken night out ending in a heated make out session clears that up. Well for a moment until they decide that it shouldn’t have happened and she should get back to helping him.

Help he needs with the week ahead at his new hotels soft opening that he invited Jasmine to. He needs his romance guru Poppy along for the ride. An all expenses paid trip away in luxury hotel, yes please. Trying to stop thinking about a devil of kiss while getting said hot lips to click with another, not so good for Poppy. She does want to help him and Jasmine but the more she does the more they seem to pull apart leading him back to Poppy. Mainly to apologize with wine and cake when he’s messed up – yes please! They just act themselves when together, no front, so you can see the almost kisses again a mile off. Nothing runs smoothly for long, especially when ex’s pop up – hello falling on your ass a lot!

Seems the moment Dylan stops looking at what he thought he wanted and starts to see what is right in front of him the better because you know from the heat they are putting off its going to be hot. Shame old insecurities and long pauses rock the boat. Clear heads needed to see what they really want. Can Dylan find the right words on his own to get the one he really wants?

Great chemistry between Poppy and Dylan, started with friendship leading to more, even though they weren’t looking for it. Probably why they worked well as there was no pretending to be someone they weren’t, as they have known each other for a year. Clicking with how their minds work without truly seeing it to begin with. The drunken night that changed it all was their starting point to something great. Well as long as they don’t put up barriers to stop themselves finding the real thing.

Dylan’s friends Kyle and Sarah were fun. Loved it when Sarah gave him a piece of her mind. Just the right push he needed to get his head out of his ass and fix things. Loved Poppy’s friends April and Natalie too, going to be fun getting to know them more in next books. Another fun, sexy, romcom read that is sure to entertain so I think it’s time I moved onto the next.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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