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Book Review: ‘Nero’s Dream’ by Deborah Cooke

Title: Nero’s Dream (The Dragons of Incendium Book 2)

Published: 19th July 2016

Author: Deborah Cooke

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorDeborahCookeFanPage

Twitter: @cooke_delacroix



Nero has always aspired to be an astrologer in the royal court of Incendium. When he divines a portent about the pending royal marriage, he makes the perilous journey to the capital city, only to be kept from delivering his tidings in time. Worse, Nero is assigned the task of pursuing a dragon princess bent on taking vengeance upon her reluctant groom; a feat he knows can’t be done. His dream appears to be lost forever—until the captivating princess Peri surprises this unlikely advisor.

Nero’s Dream is a short story set in the same world as the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances. It should be read after Wyvern’s Mate.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a dragon in it. Well a dragon shifter but a dragon all the same and one you should be very careful about annoying.

Nero is an astrologer who has figured out what is really going to happen on the wedding day for Dragon Princess Drakina and Prince Cantos of Regalia. His horoscope is a lot different from the others but seems to be the only one accurate. He knows he needs to get a message to the King to let him know that the royal marriage is doomed and was never meant to be in the first place. Seems the royal astrologers are too stuck in their ways to view things differently and in doing so have caused a bit of a mess. Well about to anyway when things don’t get underway with the wedding. Seems the Kings advisor Kraw is sent to deal with Nero beforehand but doesn’t seem too interested in what he has to say. Well at the time that’s the case but about ten minutes later when Drakina smashes through the ceiling and gives chase to a messenger he changes his mind.

Well if you’ve read Wyvern’s Mate you know exactly what happens to Cantos when Drakina catches up with him but then again that was hearsay. This time we see it for ourselves when Nero is sent by Kraw to bare witness to what is going to happen. Seems our princess wasn’t too keen on being stood up at the alter, then to add insult to the injury to have a messenger be the one to say that the prince would not be coming was just too much. This is the start of a difficult journey for Nero, as he doesn’t know if he will make it back unscathed. He was always told by his teacher never to cast a horoscope for himself, always look for others’ as it would only be dangerous for his own so doesn’t know. Seems Drakina did a kindness in the end but still had her vengeance as was foretold by Nero himself. Things happen for a reason and if you’ve read Wyvern’s Mate you know it all works out for her. Cantos well not so much.

Seems Nero gets a bit of a reward in return for his good deed. One he is very much looking forward to if it means he can spend a bit more time with a certain princess. Seems you really shouldn’t offend the house of Incendium. They are dragon shifters after all.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Betrayal’ by Danielle Hardgrave

Title: Betrayal: Sea Assassins Book 1

Published: 20th January 2017

Publisher: Caldwell Publishing

Author: Danielle Hardgrave

Twitter: @dhardgrav3

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/15300640.Danielle_Hardgrave



On a calm November evening, a ship disappears off the coast of Washington without a trace…

When Darcy Davies finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, he’s three things: injured, naked, and rude. And he’s got a few demands. Somewhere safe. No hospital.

Tell no one.

While Darcy takes him in, she’s no fool. She knows he was involved in whatever happened at sea that night. But is he a victim or a villain? One thing’s for certain—even if he’s not a danger to her person, this sexy stranger is a danger to her heart.

Gabriel Barnes can’t tell which is more of a pain in his side—the curvy brunette who plucked him off the beach, or the literal pain in his side.

Gabriel’s secret will be hard to keep in such close quarters, especially with injuries that are healing much too fast. But he’s got bigger problems.

It wasn’t an accident that brought him here.

It was a betrayal.



What better way to get over my fear of sharks than reading a shark shifter romance? Now I love shifter stories so lets see how I cope with the shark part. Here’s hoping they stay on land for the most part. Well fingers crossed anyway.

Talk about a hottie being swept right up to your feet, a nice looking naked one to boot. It’s not just muscles and hotness he’s packing but very bad looking wounds too. Looks like something took a bite out of him and it’s not till later that you find out how real that thought is. Now Darcy’s first thought with finding said naked man is panic as she fears he might already be dead and that soon turns to annoyance when he makes it known he is alive and has no intention of going to hospital. He makes her a deal, five grand to stay at her place while he heals. Now she needs the money and not for the greedy reasons he might think to start with. So she helps carry/drag him back to her place, which as luck would have it was only a stones throw from the beach he washed up at. He insists he just needs rest but she insists more that he will let her at least bandage him up. Well after he pays her that is. Half now half later as neither seem to want to trust the other. With good reason to start with as it’s a very strange situation they find themselves in.

Rest is all Gabriel can think about, well when he’s trying to not think about how good his helpers clothes seem to cling to her. If only she wasn’t so annoying to him he might be tempted. He knows it’s risky to stay there but needs time to heal while he tries to figure out his next move. Said move not being to claim the sexy helper with his version of appreciation. The more he protests, if only in his mind, the more you know he wants her.

Darcy landed herself in danger from the moment she took Gabriel in and it looks like that danger might be closer than she thought. Even from someone she would consider a friend. Though really she should just trust her dog Oscar’s instincts. He might be weary to start with new people but if he changes his mind you should trust him. The same goes for if he doesn’t.

Now it’s not just her that the hot brooding patient might be putting in danger but her sister Sophia too and that’s something she won’t take. He needs to tell her everything not matter what. Nice final words as what he has to tell – or rather show her – could have her running for the hills. Oh you know the fact that he is a shark-shifting assassin. Seems danger and truths bring forth passions also as its not long before the wall they both put round each other falls. One kiss sparks a light and its not long before they burn. Passions running high but the danger that follows is very real. Here’s hoping they don’t bite off more than they can chew. Shark wise not too bad for me so lets see how I get on with the next one.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author via Caldwell Publishing for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Sleuthing with the Enemy’ by Danielle Hardgrave

Title: Sleuthing with the Enemy (Unnatural Alliances Book 2)

Published: 9th June 2017

Publisher: Caldwell Publishing

Author: Danielle Hardgrave

Twitter: @dhardgrav3

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/15300640.Danielle_Hardgrave



Somebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen—a very pissed off werewolf—is going to make sure they pay for it.

There’s just one problem: Anna’s only suspect is the arrogant vampire prince, Jonas Weiss. He’s cocky, frustrating, and a little bit sexy. Okay, a lot sexy.

He also claims to be innocent, so the fact that she just broke into his home and attacked him is problematic.

And his price for keeping silent about the whole debacle? Downright devious.


The short novel you’re about to consume is quick, quirky, and delicious. Get ready to enjoy a main course of romance with a side of adventure. Buckle up, it’s about to get sassy!

Sleuthing with the Enemy can be enjoyed as part of the Unnatural Alliances series or on its own.



Another paranormal romance adventure fix and this time we get the have vampires and wolf shifters throughout causing chaos for each other. Well that and a lot of passion when things boil over after reaching a major heated breaking point.

Love the line: “I’m going to kiss you, little wolf, and after I do there’s no going back. You’ll be mine.” Annemette soon learns that Jonas means every word.

We get to see Rune’s other brothers Anders (who works very high up for the SNAC and unfortunately also seems like he has a stick up his ass) and Erik (Anders twin and opposite in personality in every way) but the focus this time is on his hotheaded sister Annemette, Anna for short. Seems that the ‘something’ Rune was looking for within the Cutler Hoard was something his ancestors had tried to keep hidden. It’s a bracelet they call the Gleipnir Cuff (though Anna and her best friend call it Jay-Bray which I like more) and it is a key to a very powerful vampires cell. Releasing him would surely mean open war between all supernaturals. Seems it something that likes being stolen though, first by Rune from the museum and now from their own Helsen archives vault. Seems a suspect has been put front and centre but no one wants to go after them without solid proof. This is something that Anna can’t seem to hold back from though, her temper getting the best of her causing her no end of trouble.

Jonas seems to have been put into the line of fire for the theft and it’s not long before Anna’s vengeance boils over and she goes in for an attack. Little problem though as she is a bit drunk at the time, thought she would be alone while breaking into his house to steal the Gleipnir Cuff back and oh one small matter being that he is a prince and attacking him is probably not in her best interests. It’s not her finest moment as it could end badly for her, and not just by him. Seems this little error in judgement has put her in an interesting position with Jonas now calling the shots on how to proceed. He claims he’s innocent so wants to help her get the Gleipnir Cuff back so makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Seems a little Sleuthing with the Enemy is on its way.

Loved the Vegas trip that they go on, it is certainly a turning point in their investigation and relationship. You just knew they needed to get each other riled up before pouncing on each other. Probably didn’t hurt the fact she was naked at the time under his shirt after shifting back, making him shirtless in the process. Something Anna didn’t fully think about until confronted by his sculpted chest – one it’s not long before she is pressed up against.

Anna’s best friend Roxie was fun when she popped up. Loved her outburst, think it was a long time coming. Also her scent might be a clue to another story unfolding, lets’ hope with Benji at the helm. He made quite the impression in To Trust a Wolf but more so here when Anna and Jonas meet him to get some answers for the missing Gleipnir Cuff. Just what he is and what he can really do are still very much in question, even for the other supernaturals themselves.

Helen is settling in nicely with her wolf Rune and Claire a fellow wolf seems to play a key part in the missing cuff when she’s attacked for it. Again nothing is quite what it seems which I like. A war is definitely coming; you might have to question those closest to find the truth. The enemy might be within your sights the whole time. The Old Believers on both sides – wolf and vampire – seem to want a reckoning to take place. It’s up to our guys to stop them in their tracks, let’s see how they get on.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Caldwell Publishers for my honest review.

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Five Fab Freebies – Paranormal Romance


The Enchanted Box Set Collection

11 Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Books

Including Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Psychic Detectives, Time Travel and more!

Some stories have been previously published.

11 thrilling stories in one volume

11 sexy heroes.

11 strong heroines.

These works of fiction are from some of today’s most exciting authors.

A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first books by your favorite young adult authors.

Crush by Chrissy Peebles

Eternal Vows by Chrissy Peebles

Seventh Mark by W.J. May

Rae of Hope by W.J. May

Blur by Kristen Middleton

Enchanted Secrets by Kristen Middleton

Captured by Erica Stevens

Deceived by L.A. Starkey

Vampire in Denial by Dale Mayer

Tuesday’s Child by Dale Mayer

Nine Lives by Karin DeHavin

11 paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories including vampires, werewolves, witches, psychic detectives, time travel and more!

Each story is the first book in each author’s series. Some questions won’t be answered without purchasing the next book.


PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Longing for his Kiss (Paranormal Vampire Shifter Romance)

(Alpha Shapeshifter Short Stories)

Longing for his Kiss

Emma Smith was as shy and as plain as her name sounded.

Living in a tiny coastal town didn’t help matters when you were trying to be invisible. Everyone knew everyone, and the fact that Emma’s father was the town drunk was no secret. There was something else brewing in St. Otis though. The past two tourist seasons, people had gone missing suddenly and the mystery had the town suspicious and on edge.

Turner, a handsome stranger, has been watching Emma for some time. He sees something in her that is rare, patience and strength that come from many years of self- reliance and restriction. He wonders why a woman as young and smart as she is isn’t living her life to the fullest. He admires her for her silent reserve and ability to blend in and be invisible, something he finds extremely important himself. Once Turner gets Emma’s attention there is nothing else he can think of except for being with her.

Emma dreamed of escaping St. Otis and almost envied the people who had suddenly vanished from here. She knew that was crazy, but she thought she would do just about anything to start a life elsewhere. Before she could finish her thoughts, Emma finds herself intertwined in more of the mystery than she ever thought possible. There was something about Turner that she could not quite grasp, but could not resist. Emma wants out of St. Otis, but is she willing to give up her life to leave?

BONUS: Additional free story inside!

♥ Warning: This story contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only.


Billionaire Paranormal Dark Romance: Alpha Heat (Sons of Thunder MC Book 1)

Curvy and Kidnapped!

Grace Dawson doesn’t have it all. Hell, she doesn’t even have half of it. Her life is spiraling into decline and all there is for her is selling paddleboards on a Florida beach.

That is, until she gets a little drunk and wakes up in a cage.

Billionaire shifter Karl Norman has a problem with pirates coming to Siesta Key and kidnapping girls. Karl has other problems: his life is filled with danger, and he’s a werewolf.

So are Grace’s pirates.

After a pitched battle, Karl discovers Grace among the captives, and she steals his heart. But can Grace cope with the truth of Karl’s existence?

This is Book 1 of the Sons of Thunder Trilogy: A BBW Billionaire Shifter Werewolf Romance.

Please note this the first book of a paranormal dark and steamy romance series with hardcore evil villains.

This book includes vampires, a werewolf who imprints on his mate, a submissive curvy bbw heroine who is mated by the wolf, an alpha male biker hero into BDSM, and pirates.


Ancient Blood Of the Vampire & Wolf

Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology

A Secret Ancestry… An Open Door to the Past.

7 Fantastic Vampire & Werewolf Shifter Stories from today’s best-selling authors,

All for FREE!



BOOK 2 – CRUSH by Chrissy Peebles



BOOK 5 – VENOM By Kristen Middleton


BOOK 7 – SEVENTH MARK – Part 1 by W.J. May


The Paranormal 13

(13 free books featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more!): Boxed Set

13 full length paranormal and urban fantasy novels featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more!

1.3 MILLION words! 3,500 PAGES!

Darkangel by Christine Pope

Twin Souls by K.A. Poe

The Girl by Lola St Vil

Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean

Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva

Wolves by C. Gockel

The Witch Hunter by Nicole R Taylor

Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent by Kristy Tate

Nolander by Becca Mills

The Medium by C.J. Archer

Dream Student by J.J. DiBendetto

Deception by Stacy Claflin

The Thought Readers by Dima Zales

Each of these novels are FULL LENGTH BOOKS and are the first in each one’s respective series.

Have fun diving into the wonderful world of paranormal romance!

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Book Review: ‘Beatrice & the Shifter’ by Jordan K Rose


Title: Beatrice & the Shifter

Published: 1st September 2015

Publisher: Jordan K Rose

Author: Jordan K Rose

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Jordan-K-Rose-Author

Twitter: @jordankrose

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/5751865.Jordan_K_Rose


Is there such thing as too much foreplay? Beatrice has spent the last year mercilessly flirting with her sexy neighbor. When the opportunity to take their encounters to the next step, there’s only one thing that stands in their way. Can reality ruin the fantasy?

Welcome to Seductions. Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human.

The Short Seductions Series is a collection of ten spicy paranormal romance short stories, each of roughly 8,000 words in length. These hot little love stories are short enough to enjoy on your lunch break, but long enough to satisfy any romance reader. Each sensual tale tells the romantic journey of a different hero and heroine.

Come on in. Have a drink. Enjoy a quickie happily-ever-after.


Well a years worth of foreplay would definitely get to some people and it definitely gets to Beatrice. Got to love me some shifter hotness and Derek has it in spades.

Beatrice goes to Short Seductions for a party night with her friend Maria (who seems to be having some fun of her own with an Angel) just to have a bit of a night out to relax and chill. When she is waiting for a drink at the bar one gets sent over to her, already being paid for, and interestingly enough it is from her closish neighbour Derek Davis. The hot guy she has been fantasising about for pretty much a year now. He kind of beckons her over to join him, where she tells him its her first time being there and asking him how long he has known about Other – his answer being since he was born.

Derek has wanted Beatrice for a while now and can see a way to make it happen now she knows about the Other. If she can guess what he is he will give her a prize and they both know exactly what that prize will be and they both really want it. You can feel the chemistry between them from the start and can tell that they have both wanted each other for a while now. Beatrice see’s this as a fun game to start with as she goes through all the options about what he possibly is. After a few wrong guesses though, and with the sexual tension rising high between them, Derek knows that if he doesn’t get her out of there soon he will take her there and then whether she guesses right or not. So he decides to drive her home but says if she hasn’t guessed correctly by the time they get there then they are just going to have to call it a night and try again another time.

This is something that neither of them wants so Derek is in for a surprise when Beatrice lets him in on a little secret of her own. She has always known when he has watched her from a distance; she has been putting on a show for him whenever she has felt his eyes on her. It has been like the longest year of foreplay that they have ever had so you can understand that they would then just want to rip each other’s clothes off when given half the chance. It is very heated between them to say the least and you know it is the start of something hot.

Derek is a very domineering shifter and its just one of the many reasons I like the Short Seductions series so much. It’s the male leads having like a primal feel about them and about the women that they like or are hoping to get more serious with. They know that they are going to be their mate, their other, everything, so they just want to dominate to show the power that they have, not over them but to protect them. That’s what makes the Short Seductions series so great and I can’t wait to read the rest of them.


5 out of 5 stars

Join up to Jordan K Rose’s newsletter and you will get the short stories for free!

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