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Author Interview: ‘Yellow Jacket Genesis’ by Antoine Cannon


About the Book:

S.I.S.R. or Security Intelligence and Surveillance Regiment is a newly formed elite police/military force. Former FBI agent and soldier, Stacy Richardson, has been selected to command one of the teams. Can she effectively lead this team or will their first mission be their last?

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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I am a 49 year old ordained Minister and husband with two children (22,18) from a previous marriage. I guess they don’t really qualify as children anymore, do they? I am a veteran, go 101st! I have earned a 2nd degree black belt in the art of Ninjutsu. I have degrees in Business, IT Security and im almost done with a Criminal Justice degree. Also I am a Sheriff’s Deputy here in St.Louis. I guess I have always been interested in writing but I never really ventured out there into the great unknown of being an author. I like putting what I see in my head onto paper.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

There is no best time or place for me to write. It just hits me, so I kind of write in spurts. I guess that’s why it took me so long to do this one book.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

I try to be as original as I can with my storyline. I guess my ideas come from what I have seen and experienced mixed with a little “what if”.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I don’t always have a plan on what I will be writing. I have sort of “a direction” I want to go in or a “destination” I’d like to get to and I just kinda let the story develop. I do sometimes plan major scenes, like when and where battles take place, but I don’t really have a plan on how I will ultimately get to the battle. I figure it out as I go.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

I like action books. I like to write about battles and combat. I enjoy telling of fast moving combat sequences as they happen simultaneously. I guess it wouldn’t be hard to guess that I prefer this genre of books from looking at my background. I have fantasy war ideas also.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

I think I would like Gabriel Union playing the lead character, Stacy Richardson. I think Dave Batista could play a believable John Steigovich, and I think Julia Ling is my Mikayla Lee. Michael Pena would make a perfect Rolando Martinez.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

Actually, I don’t really read much. I think the last book I read was The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. I did read Team Yankee by Harold Coyle a very long time ago.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I’m not reading any books at the moment.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

I would have to say my favorite book is The Sword of Shannara.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

I would say, if you want to write, then write. Not for the money or the fame or the reviews, but just for the love of writing. Because that’s who you are. I believe our books are extensions of who we are. Inner glimpses of the “True us”.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

Website: acjustme.wixsite.com/website

Facebook: www.facebook.com/antoine.cannon.7


About the Author:

Antoine Cannon (September 27, 1967) is married and has two children from a previous marriage. He is a veteran who was stationed with the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault(87-89). Antoine is a Second degree black belt in the art of Ninjutsu and he is currently a Sgt. with the St.louis City Sheriff Department. Antoine holds degrees in Business, Information Technology, and is finishing up a Criminal Justice degree. He has lived in St.Louis most of his life except for the time spent in the military and a short time in Florida.

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Book Review: ‘The Sweet Oil of Vitriol’ by Daniel Eagleton

Title: The Sweet Oil of Vitriol: A Tom Glaze Hit Book 1

Published: 23rd February 2017

Author: Daniel Eagleton



Ever get the feeling the staff want to kill you?

After a government sanctioned hit goes spectacularly wrong, Mossad agent Thomas is blamed for the mission’s failure by his superiors, ousted before completing his very first job. Desperate to prove himself, Thomas accepts an offer from his former handler, Yakov, to assassinate Jacob Okonjo, the head of the African Union. It seems Jacob is allowing certain parties to control Africa’s lucrative diamond trade, and in doing so has made some powerful enemies. But like that Mossad hit-team caught on camera in Dubai a few years back, how is Thomas supposed to terminate such a prominent figure without being caught on CCTV? The answer: to work undercover as a room-service waiter at a top London hotel, where, in a few months’ time, Jacob Okonjo will be staying. It’s the perfect plan. Jacob is to be administered an untraceable poison, and afterwards, even if there is an investigation, a trusted member of staff like Thomas will be above suspicion. That’s the idea, anyway. In the meantime, he’s to suffer month after month of boring, menial employment, serving rich, famous people dinner, when he should be making a name for himself amongst the intelligence community. Because you can bet this never happened to Bond or Bourne. Never had to work for tips, subjugating themselves like some average, everyday citizen…


Spy mystery that will keep you on your toes throughout trying to figure out which way everyone is going to go and what agenda they really have.

Things start out simple enough. Thomas and his team, secret agents hired to take out dangerous people, have been sent on a mission to eliminate someone their government wants gone. Thomas has been sent in advance to get a lay of the land and figure out the best plan of action for when the hit will go down. Their target is a tricky person to pin down with locations, times and whether decoys will be in play. So his task is to figure out every possible scenario before the team, and then their target, gets there. Would seem like a walk in the park for Thomas but he seems to have a little problem with the ladies. In that he can’t seem to stay away from them. Its because of this that the team comes in early to check on his focus, or lack there of. Things go from bad to worse when the time comes to take their target out.

Hit gone wrong and it seems and Thomas and his team are going to take the fall. Well mainly Thomas as he’s the only one that gets caught up with what goes down putting him in the hospital. It seems Uri, the tech guy, is the only one really helping Thomas when everything goes tits up. Even his handler Yakov has taken a bit of a back seat while waiting for the dust to settle. He needs to get out of the hospital before the police arrive, even if he isn’t 100%. Side note when you don’t have the right documents to go back to the hospital it seems wire cutters and a meat tenderizer will do.

Out of the company but not the trade Thomas and Uri go to Yakov to get a new job. Thomas might be wanted but he needs to redeem himself. A new target is set, one with a big payout, but he needs to be clever this time so no one suspects him. Poison is the key and to push any suspicion off him he is going to have to actually work as the waiter and not pose. Seven months till the hit gets to London so by then he should be a natural.

Once an agent always an agent seems to be Thomas’ motto. Said motto seems to attract trouble though. Mainly when a woman is involved. This time the hotels front desk clerk Nadine. Seems she’s in deep with some bad men and Thomas wants to help. The fact that he’s spent the last few months mooning over her being a bit of a key reason. Really he should know better by now. She can see him and his friends for who they really are so you just know a HEA isn’t on the cards.

I could never really get a feel for Yakov. Something was off with him from the start. I always got the feeling that no matter what he was going to throw Thomas under the bus so to speak. Just seems to take Thomas a little longer to figure out. For an agent he didn’t seem very focused with his mission but that could be because he was left to his own devices for so long waiting for his target. Seems trouble is brewing from more than one angle and he is just playing catch up to see it through.

Seemed to pick up more near the end when the chaos seemed to grow. Think the everyday life of him working at the hotel and then his on/off again thing with Nadine seemed to drag a bit. Women definitely seem to be his weakness and if he wants to continue what he’s doing then he’s going to need to work on that. Intriguing paced thriller with a bit of a difference.

For a lot of it I found either he, she or they seemed to be missing from sentences. Almost like you just would assume they were there so added them anyway in your mind while reading. A few other spelling mistakes and errors throughout (‘She put his hand on his’ instead of ‘She put her hand on his’) but nothing too major, just enough to stand out through rest of clean edit.

3 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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