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Book Blitz: ‘The Green Boy’ by Sherif Guirguis and Isaac Michaan


Title: The Green Boy

The Chronicles of Agartha – Book 1

Authors: Sherif Guirguis and Isaac Michaan

Genre: Fantasy / Fantasy Fairy Tales


About the Book:

The fate of two worlds rests on the shoulders of a few unsuspecting souls.

Inner Earth, Agartha, a land where the color of your Aura defines you, losing the entire population of greens to the war left a visible void.

Ethan, a fourteen-year-old young man, discovers he has a green aura, the last of an extinct race. He leaves the school of Nafoura in search of the truth about the fate of the greens, and to find a home to call his own.

Joined by a girl from our earth, and an exiled shapeshifter, Ethan must race to the Chronicler of Agartha in search of answers.

But Ethan has a mark on his head by the very woman who decimated his people, doggedly chasing after him for nefarious reasons of her own.

Ethan must walk a thin line to get his answers, inadvertently stepping into the web of a prophecy he knows nothing about, one which may lead to salvation, or to a promise of doom for his and our world.

If you liked The Inheritance Cycle, of Eragon’s fame, you will love The Green Boy.


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He stood, completely refreshed, and ready to resume his journey. So, he pulled his compass again to consult it. This was when he noticed a small blinking light, almost pink, at the topmost side of the square glass. It related to something to the north of where he stood, and the light blinked faster as he looked at it. Immediately after, the sound alarm in his pack started to give a shrill whistle.

The alarm lights and the whistle, clicked in his mind, the danger was near, so he pulled his bow and an arrow, knocked the arrow to the bow, and crouched to the direction of his immediate north.

His fingers held tight to the bow, light on the arrow, and he breathed in and out as rhythmically as he could, waiting for the inevitable arrival of what he assumed was a beast, a predator of some sort.

His wait was not long. As he counted his fortieth breath out, the branches of the trees parted violently, and a big cat came bounding his way, he released the arrow without a moment of thought, hitting the great beast right between the eyes.

As he stood to check his prize, he noticed something was emitting a whistle in his backpack. He knew this must be the alarm system, and something was still coming his way.

He fell to the ground as fast as he could when he realized the danger had not passed him yet. Quickly drawing two arrows, one regular and another with the magical red tip, he once again started to count the breaths after knocking both arrows to the bow —a technique he learned from Miss Julia, to use when in doubt of the incoming target.

Sure enough, almost as swift as the tiger before it, the enormous head of a land-bound wyvern crashed into his sight. Ethan released the arrows immediately, hitting the great creature in both its eyes at once, the red-tipped arrow seemed to burrow deeper into its skull.

Of course, this didn’t counter the momentum of the great beast, but at least it forced it to tilt its head sideways as it crashed into Ethan, instead of being crushed in its maw, which was a blessing.

Ethan was thrown off the spot he had crouched in by some ten meters. Dazed and bruised, he knocked another red-tipped arrow as he ascended erratically to his feet. The monstrous creature screeched its distinct screeching roar at the world in pain, as it now had both eyes blinded by Ethan’s arrows.

Ethan forced his breathing to return to the rhythmic manner he had before the crash. He knew the non-magically treated arrow would soon fall off, and the beast will partially regain its sight, a conundrum Ethan decided to avoid. So, he aimed his second arrow at the beast, which was flailing around, biting at tree trunks and destroying the surrounding scenery, yet slowly advancing in the general direction of Ethan as the non-magical arrow started to be pushed out of its eyeball, bit by bit.

Then Ethan released the arrow, aiming and predicting the way the beast would move its massive head from watching it, analyzing its movement during the entire half a minute the whole encounter took. And the arrow hit the second eye perfectly. The beast screamed in rage and agony as both arrows doubled the burrowing speed into its skull as if they were taking power from each other to give higher magical damage.

The beast stopped flailing and ran maw open at the exact location of Ethan, who dropped, rolled to the side three times to get out of the way of the huge predator. Not five meters from where he originally stood, the beast suddenly fell over on its head, toppling its entire body behind in the process. It was dead or at least dying.

Ethan’s heartbeats climbed suddenly to an improbable speed, and for a moment, he felt as if his chest would explode, but then something strange happened, he felt as if for a moment, all his senses were heightened to inhuman limits and he could smell every mote of dust in the air, he could taste the sweet nectar to peaches growing a few hundred meters from where he stood, and he could hear the heartbeats of all the creatures of the forest as an entire concert of drums beating their hidden music to a few, select audiences, from the other worlds.


About Sherif Guirguis:

An Egyptian by birth, cosmopolitan by convection, Sherif started writing at the age of eight, and he didn’t stop since then. He always thought that the our world needed a dash of magic, and this is what he always included in his writings.

Originally a medical doctor, but he decided to leave medicine behind to pursue his passion of the word, since then he wrote three books.

The chronicles of Agartha: Book 1 – The Green boy, is his third book, his first was “The Door”, a magical realism thriller, and the “The Trinity’s Dream”, a contemporary fantasy about the end of days.

He is happily married and has two daughters, whom he adores.


About Isaac Michaan:

Isaac Michaan is a Brazilian programmer, born in S.P, Brazil .
The first book he read was The Chocolate Factory, but the truth is, he was forced to read the book, since he didn’t want to, however since then he developed a passion for reading more and more.

In the beginning, he wrote mini stories, but then he prepared himself for a big project. His dream was to write a series of books of fantasy like the famous ones, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, however, the first series of books that inspired and pushed him to do so, was Deltora Quest.

It wasn’t an easy task as he thought it would be, it took at least three to four attempts to finally gets the material for the book. Life took its turns and he almost quit and left the work behind, which would have resulted for the story to never have been told. But thankfully he tried and tried until finally he got something substantial to start with.
He was happy to find a co-author who helped him a lot to get this project done, without him it would still be only the draft material on his desk.

Now, Isaac is finishing his degree in BS.c. and looking for career opportunities in the cyber field. He is very thankful for his family and their support.


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