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Book Review: Lost and Found by Tom Winter

Lost & Found

Title: Lost & Found

Published: 15th August 2013

Publisher: Corsair

Author: Tom Winter

Goodreads: Tom Winter

Twitter: @wintrybits


Meet Albert and Carol, two lost souls, brought together through a series of unforgettable letters.

It started with a letter …

It’s hard for Carol to admit her failings. Unhappy in her marriage and with a teenage daughter who will barely converse with her, she feels trapped. So she puts pen to paper; well, it seems less daunting than airing her thoughts aloud. She isn’t expecting anyone to read her letters, so she doesn’t address them. Instead, she marks them with a smiley face and pops them in the post box.

Albert’s retirement day at Royal Mail looms and he’s given one final task; organise the ‘lost letters’ that have been piling up in a room behind the sorting machine. Amongst the letters addressed to Santa, he arrives at one with a smiley face drawn in place of an address. Albert opens the letter, unaware that in doing so his world would never be the same again.

Lost & Found is a story of two ordinary people, brought together through a series of unforgettable letters.



Two lost lonely souls connecting through lost letters.

You have Carol who is in an unhappy marriage and a mother to a teenage daughter she doesn’t really understand. Then you have Albert who is a soon to be retired postman who lives with his cat Gloria and the ever present memory of the wife who died some forty years earlier.

Carol isn’t the kind of character you warm to right away. It isn’t clear why she is so unhappy and incapable of showing any kind of true emotions until near the end of the book. Up until that point you don’t really see what she has to complain about. Her husband doesn’t seem too bad (just not really out going or motivated but then he is going through something tough throughout the book) and her daughter isn’t off the rails – she is just really smart (maybe a bit of a know it all at times though). As she is so frustrated with her life her friend suggests writing all her thoughts and feelings down to get it off her chest. This results in some very funny, blunt and moving letters being sent out into the universe.

Albert on the other hand is very likeable and you do feel for him. He is slowly being pushed out of work before he really wants to and doesn’t feel he has anyone he can turn to. This all changes when his boss sets him the task of sorting out all the undelivered mail. He comes across a letter with a smiley face on it and feels like the letter was meant for him. After being alone for so long the letters that follow end up making him feel as though he does have a friend out there. Someone who needs him as they go through a tough time, but more than that, someone he feels connected to. They start to pull him out of his solitary life and back into the real world.

This is a witty, moving story and great for a lunchtime read.


4 out of 5 stars


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