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Book Review: ‘Vampire Forgotten’ by Rachel Carrington


Title: Vampire Forgotten (Vampires Destined Book 2)

Published: 29th May 2012

Author: Rachel Carrington

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Twitter: @rcarrington2004


Vampires Destined Series

Three vampires. Separate destinies. All desiring a woman to love them for who they are not what they are.


Vampire Forgotten
Book II

Forgotten in the mountains of Romania. Forced to live a life he didn’t choose. Suffering the daily pain of loneliness. Spending an eternity without the touch of a woman’s hand.

Though damned as a vampire, Rhad Valentine has been given what some might call the gift of psychic sight. He sees it as a constant reminder of real life going on without him—a life he cannot live.

Mischa Bonovich is on a desperate mission to find her missing sister, Rianna. Led to the mountains of her homeland by the faint call of Rianna’s voice, Mischa needs Rhad’s gift and his strength.

Wild hunger, both foreign and welcome, drives Rhad to his knees. He’d never held a woman so soft. Kissed one so responsive. And in spite of his inner protests, he’ll do anything to help her. Anything to feel just one more touch of her hand.

In the dark forests of Romania, Rhad’s desire won’t be quenched until he tastes what only Mischa can offer, but first, he must save her from a man who has nothing to lose. A man who holds a deadly secret that could tear Mischa from Rhad’s arms before love can happen.


I found this one had much more depth to the story and its characters. It draws you into the world created a bit more than the first one in series. Even though it is part of a trilogy its not the same characters from the first so can be read as a standalone. More enjoyable than the first one I felt though.

Rhad Valentine is pleasantly surprised by the gift left on his doorstep – a half naked female gift that is. Only problem is that she is unconscious and from the looks of it almost frozen to death. His second thought is to get her inside and warmed up, his first being that he hasn’t seen someone so beautiful in quite some time. He is intrigued more than anything so finds himself in a waiting game to find out why she came to his door.

Mischa wakes naked in a strange bed with no recollection of how she got there. To say she is concerned would be putting it mildly. More so when a man comes into the room and none other than the one she had come to see, Rhad. He was the last person her sister Rianna spoke about before she went missing so she is determined to get answers out of him. Well that and for him to explain how she got there. Seems neither has a clue on that one but us readers get a heads up from two friendly ghosts (one being a powerful shaman) as they were the ones that brought them together for a reason. Rhad is the only one who can help Mischa and its not just to help find her sister but to help keep her safe from the danger lurking.

Danger in the form of Hamrick, a man with nothing to lose so is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the shaman. He knows he is the only one who can save him but little does he know that the fates have other ideas in place for all of them.

The chemistry between Rhad and Mischa is subtle to begin with. She knows what he is – a vampire – but still finds herself drawn to him. Even in the midst of chaos around them from looking for her sister, Rhad’s haunted past bringing nightmares front and centre and the danger that follows them they still manage to connect on a deeper level. Rhad is different from other vampires, something he tries to explain to Mischa whether she willing to listen and accept or not. She can be hurtful with how she treats him at times but from how she makes it up to him I get a feeling that he won’t hold grudge for long.

Seems the ghosts are watching fate play out the course that was foreseen for Rhad and Mischa’s many years before. They are connected on more than a physical level but to their souls. They just have to be willing to let the other one in and really see them for it to work. Well that and try to outsmart a killer on their tracks.


3.5 out of 5 stars

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