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Author Interview: ‘Halloween Monsters’ by Eric Guth

A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces


About the Book:

Spooky. Informative. Fun!

Learn the facts and origins of famous Halloween Monsters. Each creature is formed with the objects that best represent them. Mummies, Vampires, Witches — discover several of the scariest and most iconic monsters that have been featured in the media, used as decorations and worn as costumes for decades. This collection is sure to be an enjoyable and informative experience for both kids and parents.


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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

As an elementary teacher, husband, and proud father. I noticed that kids love spooky or scary stories, but there were no origin type stories with classic Halloween monsters geared for kids. I started researching and became fascinated with the topic. Over the next few months that ended up developing into my first picture book, Halloween Monsters: A Guide of Spooky Facts and Faces.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Having a full-time job and two little kids at home, I find that usually late a night is the ideal time. The couch is home, so that I can also be next to my lovely and supportive wife as I research and write.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

I try to think about what kids love and our interested in. I want to try to put together concise non-fiction books on these topics for kids. My niche age range for my writing seems to be age 8 – 13. I think my book topics can hopefully be motivating to normally reluctant readers and also filled will information where parents can learn something new too.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I seem to have a plan, but the formatting evolves as I start to put together the facts from the book. I try to think about what would be the most visually appealing and interesting and appealing to kids.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

Informational text and classic topics that kids love such as Halloween, pirates, and U.S. presidents. I have always been drawn to real world topics and wanted to create books that made those topics appealing to all kids, but especially reluctant readers.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

For playing Halloween monsters, Cate Blanchett as a witch or Hugh Jackman as Frankenstein would be fascinating.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I try to regularly read picture books to see what is popular and see if they spark any ideas. Some classic authors that I love are Eric Carle, Tomie DePalma, and Dr. Seuss.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

My 3-year-old son loves the story Otis by Loren Long. A cute story about a tractor and a calf.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

I loved the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. A great survival tale geared toward teenagers.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Write what you love and that you think others will love too. Just start writing and let the ideas flow. You can always clean up your work later, but as soon as a thought pops into your head try to get it down, so you do not forget it.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

Twitter: @guthbooks

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/20448475.Eric_Guth


About the Author:

I am an aspiring author with my first book going live in August 2020. I hope to create children’s book on topics that are loved by kids with information that can be enjoyed by both kids and parents.

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Book Review: ‘The Jezebel’ by Saskia Walker

Title: The Jezebel (Taskill Witches of Scotland Book 3)

Published: 1st March 2018

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/104558.Saskia_Walker



Once unleashed, a witch’s carnal curiosity knows no bounds…

Fleeing from those with unscrupulous interest in her magic, Maisie Taskill’s goal is to find safety in the highlands of Scotland, with her kin. In order to gain passage from London to her homeland she plans to win over a rugged sea captain with the only currency she has: her virginity. With her enemies on her heels, Maisie has never needed a hero more. Captain Roderick Cameron might be her man.

Maisie submits to Roderick’s raw sexuality in search of protection, but their initial attraction grows into unbridled desire, unleashing devastating powers within her. Then the journey takes a dangerous turn, because the superstitious crew are unhappy at having a woman on board.

With Maisie’s wealthy sponsor giving chase, Roderick must stay one step ahead of the British Navy before Maisie’s seductive magic causes a full-scale mutiny. He may believe he has full command of his ship, but with a potent witch aboard he’s about to get much more than he bargained for.


Please note: This is a paranormal, historical, erotic romance novel, an adult title featuring explicit language and scenarios appropriate to the historical setting. Previously published with a different cover.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with magic. We finally get the see the last missing Taskill sibling, Maisie, who makes an interesting first impression on our pirate Captain Roderick Cameron.

Maisie needs to escape London from her guardian, Cyrus Lafayette, and get back to her kin in Dundee. Her only option is to propose a bargain with the Captain of the Libertas ship, Roderick Cameron. That being something she wants to lose on her terms, her virginity. She knows that once given she will be able to embrace her powers fully, something she may soon need if Cyrus gets to her. He wants her powers but more than that he wants her, something she is very against. With dangers now following she has to wonder if the Captain is the best choice. Only one more like but could she cause more trouble for him when she gets on board?

Funny how Maisie is a bit shocked at how much she likes the captains rugged appearance compared to the gentlemen she grew up around. Perhaps it’s that his features remind her of people from her homeland with him being a Scot. So you can see how quickly she would be drawn to him and feel a connection. Might also have something to do with being able to sense her twin Jessie again. Everything happens for a reason so she’s just got to hope that this is meant to be.

Roderick waste no time in wanting to claim his reward she offered as soon as possible and after one kiss Maisie starts to feel the need herself. Nerves to start with but a longing for more soon follows. Her mother was right all those years ago when she said that a witch would always feel more connected and stronger when passion is fulfilled. She might have her fill on the voyage over but plans to leave him as soon as they land in Dundee. Will she really want to leave by then? Or better yet, will Roderick be willing to let her go? A passionate connection forming while being kept in close quarters, soon followed by a protective one too. Good thing too when danger starts following. More so as her powers increase – mainly by controlling the elements – the longer she is with Roderick. With a ship full of watchful eyes though she has to be careful not to be seen casting, the last thing she needs is someone crying witch.

With this book we get a few flash backs to key moments in Maisie’s life. We see the day her mother was put to death for witchcraft, while her brother was taken away, and Jessie and her were made to watch. It was here that Cyrus and his wife Beth took her. Now Beth might have wanted her as a daughter but Cyrus’s motives were for something else entirely. You see how he wouldn’t be happy about her disappearance, willing to do anything to get her back. With the flashbacks to when Maisie was a child you can see how long the manipulation went on and how long it took her to see his true motives with his magic lessons with her. How long can she out run monster that wishes to claim her and her magic? With her powers getting stronger he will soon learn that she isn’t so helpless anymore. Choppy waters ahead as dangers follow makes her wonder if she will ever get back to her kin. If so, can she keep her captain with her in the process or will be forever be called back to the sea?

Another fun, heated passion filled read with these Taskill witches. Maisie might have been late to the passion party but her and Roderick soon made up for lost time. Great series with magic, witches, danger, intrigue and of course lots of passion twisted together for a great trilogy. The witches of Scotland are a force to be reckoned with. Kin brought back home where gifts are seen more freely but must always keep a watchful eye on those that might cause trouble. Powerful witches pack a punch though so trouble should beware.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘The Libertine’ by Saskia Walker

Title: The Libertine (Taskill Witches Book 2)

Published: 19th January 2018

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/104558.Saskia_Walker




St Andrews, Scotland: 1715. His witchcraft could save her from ruin, or guide her swiftly to it…

Lennox Taskill is a rogue, a seducer, and a powerful witch. He has seen his kind scorned and persecuted, and hunts endlessly for his sisters, Jessie and Maisie. His only other loyalty is to his coven, who he wants to take north to safety in the highlands, as soon as he reunites with his sisters. Lennox’s disdain for humanity is sealed by the searing memory of his mother burning at the stake. So when the wife of a wealthy local landlord comes seeking his help through magic, the beguiling Chloris Keavey presents Lennox with his greatest opportunity for distraction…and revenge.

Chloris is in danger of being turned out by her heartless husband because she hasn’t provided him an heir. She vows to find a way through witchcraft, but soon surrenders to Lennox’s seductive magic in more ways than one. Her desire for Lennox overwhelms her, and her fragile heart is at risk. But with a witch hunt brewing, Lennox and Chloris are soon risking everything for their forbidden nights of ecstasy…and to protect the secret that could cost them their lives. This is a paranormal, historical, erotic romance novel set in Scotland.

Please note: This is an adult title featuring explicit language and scenarios appropriate to the historical setting. Previously published with a different cover.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Challenge – A book about witches.

Chloris Keavey is in trouble and she fears the only way out of it, or rather to solve her problem, is to go an unconventional route in the way of seeing a witch. She needs to become pregnant or she fears her husband will cast her out for not giving him what he wants. It also soon becomes clear that her life might depend on it – scars tell a torrid story of her married life. She needs help with her fertility, and after talking to a maid in her cousin Tamhas’s household while she’s there, she heads out to contact a supposed witches coven. She hopes to find a mature woman leader who can help her, with herbs or perhaps a spell with being desperate, but finds herself in front of a dangerously handsome man instead. His features alone give her a clear impression that the rumours of witches carnal desire nature, due to practicing their craft, being very much true. The heat coming off both of them with barely a word spoken is nothing compare to the spark she feels when he touches her bare hand.

Lennox is a seducer to the max and is intrigued by Chloris right from the start. He doesn’t think for a moment that she’s barren, more so that it’s her husband. If she comes back to him, after her feeling a small measure of his power, it might intrigue him enough to want to help. Women come to him often to lie on their backs freely but Chloris would be very different. One touch of her hand and he knows he can trust her. In his eyes she’s a woman who hasn’t yet been truly awoken to her sensual nature. Something he wants to help with.

Lennox has two goals in life, to find his lost sisters Jessie and Maisie and to help his people that are being persecuted by validating them. It seems that when he fails to move forward on either front his boredom kicks in, which can lead him into trouble. Chloris seems to be a good distraction. He might want to help her out in a small way to start but longs to seduce her much more.

Seems Lennox and Tamhas have a bit of old tension between them. I feel, at first, that he kind of wanted to help Chloris – mainly by seducing her – so that it would get back to Tamhas. But he should be careful as Tamhas is just looking for a reason to cry ‘witch’ with anyone associated with Lennox. Right from the start you get the vibe that Tamhas can’t be trusted. Something Chloris takes too long to see. She was always just a pawn to be used when he couldn’t get what he wanted from her. Lennox must be wary to protect the people in his coven, and soon Chloris too.

There are fun times to be had at the market. When chaos distracts others she feels stillness at her back knowing Lennox is there. He say’s he’ll do the ritual to help her so needs to come to the house in the dead of night, but only if she gives him a sign she wants him to. Seems she can still feel his touch on her hand from the night before. Perhaps it’s his way to infuse heated passion into her from a distance? It all seems to lead to the first ritual. Magic and passion infused as one. Well that’s one way to get heated and feel the touch of magic caress your skin. Well magic and Lennox that is. The ritual is the first of many; well that’s what Lennox is hoping for. He asks her to meet him the morning after in the woods just as the light is forming so that nature’s magic is at its highest point. This soon leads to fun times in the forest when he starts to awaken her true self fully with the feel of magic, and Lennox, all around her. He is definitely a master seducer and Chloris is in his sights to surrender to him.

It might start out as a magical ritual but it soon turns into a passionate love affair – very spicy between them. Feelings are soon creeping in too. Can Lennox see what she really means to him to save her from the path she is on? He is always the saviour it seems. Well he tries to be anyway. He has his coven he protects, kin but not family. He will always be looking for his sisters to bring them home. Now he has Chloris and as the connection between them builds so does the risk of discovery. He needs to protect her from dangers closer to home. People are hunting witches, Tamhas at the lead of that one. Can he out run them?

Fun witchy goings on with the Taskill family and Lennox sure has some power behind him. Don’t get in his way when someone he loves is in danger. A family is slowly coming together, new non-magical partners too, but one still left to find. Let’s see what it takes to find her so they can all be safe in the Highlands. Loved the ending, it really picked up then. Shows how everything was meant to follow a certain path to finding what, or rather who, he has been searching for. Things happen for a reason so they all need to listen more to what their magic is telling them. Hopefully it will help guide them all home.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Of Beasts and Bonds’ by N. D. Jones

Title: Of Beasts and Bonds: A Witch and Shapeshifter Romance (Death and Destiny Trilogy Book 2)

Published: 18th August 2016

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Author: N. D. Jones

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ndjonesparanormalromanceauthor

Twitter: @ndjonesauthor



A deadlier war begins. New enemies arise. And, a bond must be completed, before it is too late.

A new threat to the earth arises, in the form of the angry and vengeful gods Mami Wata and Oya, now free from their imprisonment, and hellbent on making humanity suffer. Assefa Berber and Dr. Sanura Williams, the prophesized Cat and Fire Witch of Legend, will now need everything they possess-power, magic, strength, cunning-along with a much stronger mate bonding, to defeat Mami Wata and her vile beasts.

In order for their bond to survive, Assefa and Sanura must defeat all forces of evil. The fate of their love hangs in the balance.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book that scares you. Ok so maybe not so much scare as creep me out with some of the things Mami Wata throws at people. I’m sure she’s just warming up though.

So Sanura now believes, like all who meet her, witches and were-cat alike, that she is the prophecy fire witch. That she is the mortal reincarnation of Oya, goddess of wind, thunderbolts and fire. The one who just so happens to wage a war on her sister Mami Wata every 500 years. This time the battle might truly set Oya free to be with her love Sango once more. No pressure then on taking on that task. She might have her partner in Assefa, their aura’s connecting stronger than either would have thought and now living together, but she is holding back on him marking her as his. Fire witch and her cat of legend, Mngwa, which just happens to be Assefa. So why is she holding back? Maybe because she knows what these were-cats are willing to give up to protect those around them.

It’s cool that there is a school for teaching new witches and were-cats. Seems with the battle looming more want to come and learn, maybe even help. A battle between a fire and water witch is coming but no-one yet knows who this water witch will be, just that they will be the same age as Sanura. This school just so happens to have Sanura’s mother Makena help run it alongside fellow council member and high priestess Anna. Seems they’ve just got wind of Sanura’s relationship with Assefa and want to meet them to see if he really is the cat of legend, and how he can help. Seems they are trying to put things in motion for what is to come..

The gods it seems watch from the skies at the havoc their magic casts on the world. The phrase ‘suck it up and get over it already’ comes to mind with these two sisters. They are both just far too stubborn to change after all this time. Oya is more about magic where as Mami Wata likes to send in her creepy pets to do her bidding. Day of the Serpents is almost upon them and I think Mami Wata will have a selection to throw at them. Beware of what goddesses are really capable of.

A speck of gold dust, some were-cat pheromones and a fire witch make one hell of a hot encounter. Fan me down they were on fire, well right up until the claim bite would take place, then it’s like a bucket of water falls on them – well more Sanura. Seems she needs to come clean with her reasons for holding back, whether Assefa can deal with them is another matter entirely. It seems in not making a choice she has in fact already chosen. He loves her though so is willing to give her what she needs. Talking of needs he gives her the best relaxation/fire passion chemistry birthday possible. Same again next year perhaps? Well if they get the looming battle out of the way first.

A few more interesting side characters are starting to play their part in what is to come. Zareb, Assefa’s best friend and bodyguard, is intriguing and when he meets Cyntia, Sanra’s best friend, there seems to have a bit of a connection going on. One she can’t explain, troubling too as she is married.

Another creative read that is leading towards the main battle on the horizon. Not as much of a mystery like the first but more about moving the players into position for the final showdown. Let’s see how it all ends.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book via the author’s newsletter.

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Book Review: ‘Wicked and Wild’ by Cynthia Eden

Title: Wicked and Wild (Bad Things Book 7)

Published: 24th April 2018

Publisher: Hocus Pocus Publishing

Author: Cynthia Eden

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cynthiaedenfanpage

Twitter: @cynthiaeden

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cynthiaedenauthor



She was wicked…

Everyone knew that Valerie Storm was the baddest bit—um, witch on the block. She might look like Snow White, but she had the heart of a wicked queen. She turned her enemies to ash, she danced on their graves, and she had to be stopped. But who could stand up to someone so wicked?

He was wild.

Griffin Bastien was the most powerful shifter to ever walk the earth. His claws had sent plenty of his foes to the grave. Bloodlust burned fast and hard within him, and when his beast took over, there was no stopping him.

Then Wicked met Wild.

Neither of them believed in love. And neither of them ever expected the firestorm that ignited when they kissed. But some things—some people—can’t be controlled. The need that Valerie and Griffin feel for each other, the white-hot lust, will change their world.

Even hell doesn’t burn this hot.

Too bad that Griffin has been keeping secrets. Too bad that he is the original assassin sent to destroy Valerie. Because when she finds out the truth, there will be no greater fury than a wicked witch betrayed. Even the biggest, baddest beast might discover that he’s absolutely lost when a witch casts her spell, and he will be willing to do anything to reclaim the mate he never expected.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Author’s Note: WICKED AND WILD is a complete, stand-alone story that is set in the world of my “Bad Things” paranormal books. Expect a sexy alpha, a very fierce heroine, and hot times ahead.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A paranormal book. Got a bit of everything with this one – witches, shifters, vampires, Medusa and Fate to name a few. Interesting mix of supernaturals that made up one fun filled ride so hold on to your hats.

Hot, hot, hotter!! From the first page till the last I was hooked. She’s wicked and he’s wild, together they burn hotter than most. Fun quirky characters that draw you into the world they’re in no matter if you have read the others or not. Got the first 5 chapters free in authors newsletter and knew I needed to know more so one click buy later and away I was.

So Valeria Storm is a badass witch who likes to break rules wherever she goes. She tends to use the darker side of magic and is quickly seen as a threat by the witches’ council elders. Namely her old two BFF’s Devon and Genevieve. Not so much in the friend department anymore with the fact they want to burn her at the stake for her so called crimes. She finds herself stuck in a dungeon awaiting her fate. But it seems she may have been given a heads up in the fate department to figure out a way to not burn. Her dragon dungeon mate might just be the ticket. Seems he’s stuck in his beast form and if he doesn’t turn back soon will go mad and have to be taken care of. A little dark magic needed but everything has a price. She will free him from his current state only if he agrees to become her mate. He wants to be freed so you know what’s coming. He just can’t see why she would want him as a mate. Soon figures it out though when she is almost toast.

Griffin Bastien is the king of shifters – means he carries three beasts, dragon and wolf being key ones we know about. He wouldn’t have chosen Valerie for a mate due to the stories he’s heard but can’t help wondering how she manages to draw him to her. Good really as he crashes in to her almost burning at the stake. Seems one law trumps the council and that’s to do with shifter mates. You kill one of them and you create a war between the whole shifter communities. Boom! I love it when Valerie does that. She looks like she has all the cards right up to the point the council says if they can’t burn her then she need to be banished and what better place than shifterland – well that’s what she calls it anyway, along with hellhole.

Just when she thought she had the upper hand she gets thrown a curve ball. Though could this be a plan in the making too? Once home Griffin makes it clear he has rules for her to follow. It’s a shame she likes breaking them, more fun that way. Main one is to not use magic but for her that would be like telling her to stop breathing because she can’t use the air. Rules are made to be broken and she does so when she finds a group of shifters bulling another. Little vanity payback is in order and the outcome is getting herself a new henchman – Rio. He was being bullied because he can’t shift but she sees potential in him – a late bloomer perhaps? That’s not all she gets that day as a new familiar claims her. A crow called Edgar. Comes in very handy when she needs ears in places to find out valuable information. Case in point why Griffin keeps saying their mating is temporary. Seems to make it permanent they need to sleep together. Hard to do when he tries to keep his distance. I say try because it doesn’t take long for a situation to occur where he pounces on her with a scorcher of a kiss. She may be stuck there but her plan is still the same. She wants to take over the council; only fair really as she is the strongest. Being the strongest meaning you are cold of heart but it doesn’t take long for most to see that’s just not true.

Griffin might keep saying to those who will listen that the mating is temporary but his actions speak the voice of a man who sees her for keeps. Shame he’s keeping a secret of his own, one that just might make her run. Running would put her in more danger, though to be fair that does kind of follow her around anyway. They need to trust each other to see things through but nothing is ever going to run smoothly with this mating.

He’s a dragon so you know his flames make him hot already but when they finally succumb to their lust its off the charts. Talk about chemistry just waiting to explode. You can tell feelings are not far behind with the reactions made from both when faced with different dangers or pain. Can they stick together to see things through or will secrets keep them apart?

Seems going back to reasons of the past brings things full circle to how they were always meant to be. Who is she lying to and whom can she trust? Playing how many sides or just going the way she was always meant to. Either way a fun filled hot ride to blast through in a few hours. Another great read from one of my favourite authors. Loved all the other characters, clicked really well together. Need to work backwards with the series now as started at 7. You can read as a standalone but it will just make you want to check out the others.

5 out of 5 stars

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