Ok so I go through books at an alarming rate, sometimes more than one at a time, but always one on the go. I even sometimes pick up a book that I have already read and skip to the chapter I like the most just so I can delve into the world for a bit. Anyone else like that? I can’t be the only one.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite authors I have been checking out lately (if I named them all we would be here all day as there are so many out there). So here goes: C.M. Owens, Anne Malcom, Ava Sterling, Carrie Aarons, Rae Lynn Blaise, Lola Darling, Lila Monroe, Xavier Neal, Janet Nissenson, Sylvia Pierce, Sylvia Day, Sebastian Ex, Lynsay Sands, Lara Adrian, Hannah Howell, Cynthia Eden, Shelly Laurenston and Jeaniene Frost.

My favourite genres at the moment are Romance/Comedy Romance, Erotica and Paranormal/Fantasy but those of you who recognise any of the author’s names above would probably already have guessed that already. I like the idea of slipping into a world of fantasy with a modern day twist.

My blog will explore all the books I love and new ones that I discover along the way. So switch the phone off, get a cuppa and let’s dive into a new book.


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