Release Blitz: ‘The Lion Heart’ by Carrie Aarons

Title: The Lion Heart

(Rogue Academy, Book Two)

Author: Carrie Aarons

Genre: Sports Romance, New Adult

Date: September 15, 2019




He’s supposed to be the ruler of this kingdom.
The prince poised to take his rightful place on the pitch.
Instead, he plays the jester, shunning his legacy.
Only I am privy to his lion heart.


Kingston Phillips is the heir to England’s football dynasty. The offspring of two of the world’s greatest players, the expectations set on his shoulders could crush the universe. But the golden-haired Adonis chooses to live his life as a game; a series of nightclubs, brawls, pranks and different kit chasers parading through his sheets.


I’m the last woman he should chase, and I’ve told him so. My cheeky mouth and icy demeanor guard the secret no one can learn. But when the Casanova I’ve been avoiding becomes the bloke next door, he quickly begins to thaw the frost around my heart. Kingston shows me the ferocious, loyal, protective side of himself that no one else gets to witness.


I begin to realize that he’s just as damaged as I am.
That as much as I try to deny it, we’re the same.
And … that might just be our undoing.


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Author Biography:

Author of romance novels such as The Tenth Girl and Privileged, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, daughter and Lab/Great Dane rescue.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Sweet Agony’ by Christy Pastore

Sweet Agony by Christy Pastore

Cover Reveal – Designed by RBA Designs




He’s the kind of guy that keeps me up all night, but only in my dreams.

And it’s agony, sweet agony.

From the moment I laid eyes on Brantley Cardwell, I knew he was too good to be true—sexy, southern and charming.

There are some guys that are just too everything for their own good.

I should’ve kept my distance that summer, but I didn’t.

I should’ve known better than to fall for someone like him. But at seventeen, taking control of my heart wasn’t so easy.

I thought he’d be my first kiss. I thought he’d be my first everything.

He became my first crush. And then he crushed me.

Twelve years later he’s back in town and there’s no way I’ll fall for that sexy southern drawl, irresistible smile and all that charm.

No matter how well he fills out a pair of old faded Levi’s.

Maybe it’s the taste of bourbon on his lips that burns so good. But the bourbon holds a secret igniting a firestorm neither one of us can stop.

Now Brant is risking his legacy, his family, his heart—all for me.


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Release Blitz: ‘Savior’ by Shannon Myers

Title: Savior
Series: Silent Phoenix MC #5
Author: Shannon Myers
Genre: Dark MC Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2019




Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

I’ve shed enough blood to flood the streets with red… broken every rule in my climb to the top.

It seemed my reach knew no bounds…

Until I almost lost her…


And I was forced to realize that I’d become the very thing I hated; the monster I feared the most.

I fought my way back from the brink only to have everything I loved ripped away from me again. Sooner or later, death comes for us all. The best I can hope for at this point is that I go to my grave with a clear conscience.

I vowed to be their protector.

Just another promise I couldn’t keep.


Maybe in the end, we get what we deserve.

All I know is that love is sacrifice, and I’m a man with nothing left to lose…



Author Note: Please be aware that Savior is not recommended for readers under the age of eighteen as it contains strong language, sexual situations, drug use, and graphic violence

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

The car slowed, and I looked up at the bright red emergency sign, looming over my head like an omen.

Maybe it had always been there; a warning that Jamie and I were forever doomed to tragedy. We’d been staring down the barrel of a gun for years yet had convinced ourselves that it was unloaded. The sirens had been nothing more than background noise, easily ignored as we’d fought our way back to each other and rebuilt a life together from ashes.

I heard them now, though.

The sliding doors opened silently, blasting our bodies with air before filling our nostrils with the stench of antiseptic. Every chair was filled with people in various states of distress. A disheveled man in a tracksuit pushed an empty shopping cart in a slow circle around the room, mumbling about the cartel being after him. While one woman vomited down the front of her sequined dress and onto the linoleum in front of her, the man next to her, clearly still under the effects of his party drug of choice, batted the air around his head with an impaired grin, oblivious to the state of his shoes.

I hugged my shoulders, letting my chin rest against my chest as Molly guided me toward the front desk. My mouth moved, but I couldn’t recall a single thing I said before they led us to a private family room.

Instead of sinking down onto the loveseat beside me, Molly slipped into her more familiar role as caregiver and sprang into action, requesting warm blankets and a pair of socks. I frowned until I glanced down and realized my feet were still bare, my shoes lying abandoned in a parking lot fifteen miles away. My toes were almost blue from the cold, but I felt nothing.

Crossbones waited until the nurse left before taking up his post near the door, one hand resting on the handle of his gun.

“They’re sure he’s here?” I finally asked.

Molly nodded. “He’s in surgery now. It could be a while, though. I’m gonna find you some coffee, okay? Crossbones, you need anything?”

He shook his head, never once taking his eyes off of the small rectangular window in the middle of the door as she stepped out.

Someone paged a doctor over the intercom, but otherwise, the room stayed quiet. Molly returned a few minutes later with a cup of coffee and two nurses carrying supplies.

“Alright, let’s just get this on you.” She handed me the coffee and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders before directing me to lift my feet. I obeyed and let her slip plum-colored socks onto my feet as if I were a child. They were covered in white rubber flowers, and I didn’t know whether they were meant to be a fashion statement or only there to keep me from falling.

If it was the latter, it was too late.

I’d been falling since I heard the gunshot.

Once Molly was convinced that I was bundled from head to toe, she sat down beside me and urged me to drink my coffee. I took a small sip and instantly recoiled at the overly sweet taste. At her stern expression, I took another drink, wondering if she’d added every sugar packet in the hospital to the cup.

Crossbones opened the door when he saw Wolverine leading Kate and Dakota down the hall. Zane and Angel brought up the rear like a team of bodyguards.

“Mama?” Dakota asked, the train on her wedding gown swishing softly as she approached me. “Have they said anything?”

“Here, Kota-Bear. Sit,” Molly interjected, jumping out of her seat. “Do you want some coffee? I think we all need coffee.”

I made eye contact with Dakota, and discreetly shook my head.

“No, thank you,” she quickly said. “Kate, do you want coffee?”

Kate’s head jerked up, and she gave Molly a strained smile. “No, I’m good. Thank you.”

Wolverine pulled me into a rough hug. “He’s gonna be fine, doll. Ain’t a goddamn thing that can take him down.”

I nodded and mashed my lips together, knowing if I said anything I’d likely fall apart. Kate’s legs bounced up and down, and she stood up, only to drop back into the chair with a heavy sigh.

“Did you call Nate?” Zane leaned over to ask her, keeping Dakota tucked under his arm. She stared right through me with her bloodshot eyes, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

I had to stay strong for both of them.

“Yeah. He didn’t answer. I’m sure he’s in—” Kate’s voice broke off in a sob, and she held a shaking hand up over her face, gasping for air.

I got up and moved into the empty seat next to hers, pulling her under the blanket with me. “I’ve got you, Katydid. Deep breaths, baby. In and out.”

Somehow, I kept my voice calm while reciting words I hadn’t used since she was a child grieving the loss of her father.

The irony wasn’t lost on me now.

“Mikey,” I said suddenly, looking to Angel. “Someone needs to call him. He should be here.”

In case Jamie doesn’t pull through.

Wolverine shook his head. “Sons showed up at his house, Celia. Place looks like a goddamned bomb went off inside.”

The breath hitched in my chest, and I brought my hand up, running my knuckles roughly over my sternum before wheezing, “Is he? Oh my god, and Lauren?”

“They’re both alive… thank Christ, but it don’t sit right with me. Why tonight? Why’d they choose to go after the badge we got in our pocket same time as Grey?”

The meaning behind his question hung heavy in the air.

How had the Sons known what Jamie had fought to keep hidden?

The same way they’d known where to find him. Someone he trusted had betrayed him.

But who?

“Maybe they planned on cleaning house… anyone associated with the club was fair game? I don’t know.” Zane ran a hand over his face, clearly fighting a yawn. He’d probably imagined his wedding night going very differently. I almost felt bad for him, until I remembered that one of his cop buddies had been working with the Sons too. My husband might as well have had a flashing neon sign above his head.

Minutes blended into hours with no updates. Wolverine paced while Molly pushed her sugar-laden coffee on every single person in the room.
Kate would doze against my shoulder, only to jerk awake seconds later, frantically checking her phone for messages that weren’t there.

Finally, just as the first rays of sunlight streamed in through the cracks in the blinds, someone entered, and the world as I’d known it for twenty-seven years ceased to exist. The ringing in my ears intensified to the point that I wanted to clap my hands against the side of my head, drowning out the words of the chaplain.

I’d been in a perpetual freefall for what seemed like forever but saw the ground rapidly rising up to meet me with five simple words.

“Your husband didn’t make it.”

Also Available
All free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

Shannon is a born and raised Texan. She grew up inventing clever stories, usually to get herself out of trouble. Her mother was not amused. In junior high, she began writing fractured fairy tales from the villain’s point of view and that was the moment she knew that she was going to use her powers for evil instead of good.

In 2003, she moved to Denver and met the love of her life. After some relentless stalking and a few well-timed sarcastic remarks, the man eventually gave in to her charms and wifed her so hard. They welcomed a son in 2007 that they named after their favorite Marvel superhero, Spiderman.

Sick of seeing beautiful mountains through their window every day, the three escaped back to the desolate landscape of the west Texas desert in 2009. She welcomed her second son not long after and soon realized that being surrounded by three men was nothing at all like she’d imagined in her fantasies.

After an unplanned surgery in 2014 and a long pity party, she decided to pen a novel about the worst thing that could happen to a person in order to cheer herself up. She’s twisted like that. Thus, From This Day Forward was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not only does Shannon enjoy stalking people, she also has a fondness for being stalked. Visit her at to keep up with her latest schemes and shenanigans.

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Blog Tour: ‘The Moonlight Pegasus’ by C.S. Johnson

Welcome to the blog tour for The Moonlight Pegasus, by C.S. Johnson. Perfect for Fantasy lovers!

The Moonlight Pegasus

Publication Date: July 2016

Genre: High Fantasy


Sapphira is a desert world with little plant life, where the people live in the shadows of gray sunlight, sickened by the Dark Plague. To cure the people, the Guardian of Dreams sends the Spirit of Truth to bring the light back into his darkened world. In the form of Pegasus, he enters the world through the pure, innocent dreams of Selene, the reluctant princess and heir-apparent to the throne. Now, with her brother Dorian as king, another rebellion is stirring. All eyes are turning to Selene to bring peace through an arranged marriage. However, Selene only has eyes for her true love—her protector, Etoileon. As the rebellion unleashes its fury upon the kingdom of Sapphira and the supernatural forces collide, Selene is caught in the middle of all conflicts—the battle for her world, the battle for her love, and the battle for her very soul.


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Etoileon smiled as he pulled out his special gift for Selene—having taken Ronal’s earlier advice, he had a tiny bouquet of deep red ekedlets, small minuscule flowers that smelled like sweet fruit. The ekedlets were tied together with a small yellow ribbon. He’d thought that the small gift would be perfect for her. It had taken him a while to get them, too. He was only allowed into the city, along with the other members of the Palace crew, only twice a month. Etoileon was lucky that he’d known the streets well enough to know where to go so he could get back in time to escort Selene down to the ballroom entrance.

The city was crowded for the opening of the reception. Etoileon had run into more than one person trying to reach his destination, Madame Flora’s Shop. Though he had meant to hurry up, Etoileon slowed down to look around, amazed to see just how the streets had changed to him in so short a time.

He’d been raised on the streets, mostly all alone.

It had been a miracle that he had survived there, let alone to manage to get a job in the Diamond City Palace, considering a job at the palace was a highly coveted position in society. Middle class children often took jobs in the palace, using their connections to be introduced into the flashy world of riches and wealth. After a number of years, they were able to use their earned capital to be educated in the way of society. Using the skills they would acquire from training and teaching of their instructors and parents, the now young adults would be able to be placed in a position where it was likely for a marriage to be arranged or sought after.

Etoileon had none of this.

He had no parents, no real family, few allies … there were plenty of untrustworthy people, enemies, and dangers around every corner. All he had were survival skills, and the good fortune to happen to be in the right place at the right time. As Etoileon leaned back on the tower wall, he thought about the night that he’d met Selene. He did not get too lost in his memories. The Palace was beginning to feel more like home to him as time went on, and his memories of the darker times of his life were beginning to fade.

It was a moment later that the door opened and Selene walked into the Tower room as well.

“Etoileon,” she greeted him, her eyes quickly losing their flicker of surprise and replacing it with an expression of warmth. “I did not think you would be up here this early.”

“You are,” he pointed out, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well,” Selene blushed, “There was something I wanted to do before later.”

“You mean before I came?” Etoileon asked. “What was it?”

“Well … ” Her face had turned even redder, and she looked away as she reached behind her and pulled out a small bag. “I wanted to give this to you later, but I have no objections to giving it to you a little early.”

Etoileon looked down at the bag she placed delicately in his hand. It had been carefully prepared for him, he could tell. The bag was all dressed up, tiny curls of ribbons surrounding the drawstrings of the sack, and made from cheerfully colored fabric.

Selene nodded. “Open it, Etoileon. It’s for you.”

Inside the bag, he found a small silver-framed photograph of Selene and him from a few years ago. It was when he had first undergone his training for the Fighter squad. Selene was sitting in front of him in the picture, while he was standing behind her. He could tell that his eyes had been focused on her; Etoileon figured that he must have missed the camera. His eyes examined the picture closely, running over Selene’s face again and again.

“I don’t remember this picture,” he said slowly.

“It’s from the time that you came storming out of the Fighter’s training room, remember? You were not too happy, I recall. My memory of the reason has faded, but I remember thinking you needed me there,” she said in a hushed voice. “I still come to watch, sometimes.”

I still need you there, he thought. But he could not say that. So instead, he looked over at her intently, and said, “Thank you.”

“So you like it?” Her smile seemed to brighten up the entire evening sky.

“Very much,” he nodded. “That must’ve been the day that Master Norio told me in front of everyone that I had been poorly trained and it would be a miracle if I amounted to anything.”

Selene’s sad smile flitted to her lips. “Poor Master Norio. That has to be the most incorrect he’s ever been.”


Enter to win a copy of this epic fantasy HERE!

About the Author


C. S. Johnson is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels, including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family. Find out more at


CS Johnson | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Blog Tour Schedule

September 9th

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September 10th

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September 12th

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September 13th

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Reviews & Promos by Nyx (Spotlight)

Sophril Reads (Spotlight)


Blog Tour Organized By:


R&R Book Tours

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Release Blitz: ‘Wrapped in Ink’ by Carrie Ann Ryan

Title: Wrapped in Ink
Series: Montgomery Ink: Boulder #1
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2019

The Montgomery Ink saga continues with a new series set in Boulder, where a family secret might just change everything.

One mistake at a friend’s wedding rocks Liam Montgomery’s entire world, and everything he thought was true turns out to be a lie. When an accident lands him in the ER, Liam meets someone that might just be the person he can hold onto when he thinks there’s no one else for him.

Arden Brady has spent her life in and out of hospitals. But according to the world, she doesn’t look sick. She’s lost jobs and friends because they don’t see beneath the surface, but she’s learned to rely on her family and herself to keep going. And then she meets Liam.

The Montgomerys pull together and want to help both Liam and Arden as they each navigate their way through their new relationship, but they will have to look past what they thought was real in order to find what’s actually worth fighting for in the end.



Purchase Links

Coming Soon
Releasing February 11, 2020
Releasing May 12, 2020
Author Bio

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over seventy-five novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not losing herself in her emotional and action-packed worlds, she’s reading as much as she can while wrangling her clowder of cats who have more followers than she does.


Author Links

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