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Book Review: ‘Entangled Earth’ by David Lea

Title: Entangled Earth

Published: 1st June 2018

Author: David Lea

Twitter: @DavidLeaAuthor



When a failed experiment causes a parallel world to collide with ours, the invisible reality begins to tear our world apart.

Physicist Mia Green finds herself stuck in Paris, in the middle of an unnatural disaster and she’s the only one who knows what needs to be done; Mia must get home to England and stop the experiment that’s ending the world.

Reality has crumbled to an ephemeral and unpredictable puzzle, filled with danger and destruction, and amid this chaos, it will take everything that Mia has to fix the splintered worlds.

Entangled Earth is a mind-bending science fiction adventure where everyday activities on another invisible world suddenly become a deadly threat to our world.



Let’s just say that some science experiments should have a better warning sign attached to them as the destructions of their effects could be seen further than first thought.

Mia is taking a break from a science conference while in Paris having a seemingly nice time until all hell breaks lose. While on top of the Eiffel Tower the strangest things happen across the city with death and destruction following in suit with no clear reason as to how or why other than they seem to be invisible attacks. The only escape is one that has her heart in her mouth as she falls down and lands mid-air on what feels like a building top. This invisible bridge of sorts being her only way, along with other survivor Bruce, to a building top and safety – for a few moments that is. While there she finds Abraham, another scientist, who saw how it started from a video link of an experiment taking place and has a clue as to what’s happening and how to stop it. The only problem being that they have to find their way back to Cambridge to do so. Saving the world might not be her priority but she will give it a go, as it’s the only way to get back to her husband and son.

Seems a science experiment being completed in Cambridge to see whether other parallel worlds are real found their proof but in the process created a connection between the parallel worlds, which are making them collide with each other, the effects of which are being felt around the globe. No one is safe from what is coming and the longer the experiment is allowed to continue the worse is yet to come. The journey to find a way back is a perilous one with danger not just coming from what they can’t see. The closer they get to the machine the worse the danger becomes. Can they find a way to stop what’s happening or will the worlds implode with no way out?

Intriguing book with quite a twist at the end you won’t see coming, well I didn’t. I did find it a little hard to visualize what was happening at times when the worlds were merging into each other. After a while though you just kind of went along for the ride.

3.5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Time Crawlers’ by Varun Sayal

Title: Time Crawlers: Stories from Parallel Universes

Published: 2nd July 2018

Author: Varun Sayal

Facebook: www.facebook.com/varun.sayal

Twitter: @vsa2

Instagram: www.instagram.com/varunsayal



Six sci-fi themes, six stories

Alien Invasion, Dark A.I., Time-Travel, High-Tech Hindu Mythology, Djinn Folklore, Telekinetics, and life-consuming cosmic entities are some major themes in this book. The author has woven these subjects into six tightly-knit, fast-paced science fiction tales.

1. Eclipse: No attacks, no blood-shed, yet there was an invasion and a conquest. Who are these shapeshifter aliens being hounded by an eclipse?

2. Death by Crowd: The dark desires of the masses; darknet websites fueled by a crypto-currency. What lurks in the background – an advanced artificial intelligence?

3. Genie: He rubbed a lamp alright, but what he got was the shock of his life. An entirely sci-fi take on the djinn myth.

4. Time Crawlers: There are individuals who exist in multiple time periods at once, and there are those who know about them….

5. The Cave: The fate of an advanced imperial race hangs in balance as a dark celestial entity meets a legendary protector.

6. Nark-astra, The Hell Weapon: The weapons he possesses make him the destroyer of worlds, and he burns for revenge. A high-tech take on ancient Indian mythology.



A collection of short reads about multiple universes. You are thrown in to different sci-fi worlds, one right after the other, not necessarily connecting. Going from the strange, dark and bizarre, to the lighter side of knowledge. What would you wish for? Can’t be more wishes.

Eclipse – 4d aliens have slowly taken over the Earth and its up to those that can see them to find a way to get rid of them before it’s too late. But what you believe and what is actually true might be called into question with the arrival of the next eclipse. What path will you follow if told there is another route?

Death by Crowd – takes you to a dark place on the web that should be deleted. A bit disturbing to tell you the truth about what people would be willing to pay to watch. The norm is no longer wanted and “entertainment” takes on a more twisted role. If I’m being honest I really didn’t like this one. A bit too twisted for me.

Genie – rub a lamp and out pops a genie. To the shock of the wisher the genie is female. Seems reading a book is too much like hard work for some but might have been a good idea when the amount of wishes left is in question. Fount of knowledge that the genie doesn’t mind explaining to a point but frankly she has stuff to get back to so the quicker the wish is made the faster she can get home.

Time Crawlers – moving through time to be in different places at the same time. Being the same person but living multiple lives throughout each time crawl not staying in one place too long. Those that know of them can see how it works but not try it. Time is about how you view it, different perspectives on the same time frame depending on who is really experiencing it.

The Cave – a planet seeking help from an unknown entity within a dark cave that appears to be from another world. Total destruction could be on the cards if help isn’t found. But with help come rules and some they might not want to follow. Times ticking so might be a plan to agree for the sake of all. Well that’s if the one come to help is up to the challenge.

Nark-Astra – seeking revenge on the king who destroyed his land and people. One man against an army would seem to show that the odds would be against him. That is if it wasn’t for an enhanced bio-weapon mixed with a little mythical science/magic thrown in. Seeking revenge at the expense of innocents isn’t the way to go. Seems our one man has some re-thinking to do.

Overall an interesting collection of short, snappy reads.

3 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Blitz: ‘Sabina Saves the Future: Full Trilogy’ by Martin Lundqvist


Title: Sabina Saves the Future: Full Trilogy

Author: Martin Lundqvist

Publisher: Elmar Publishing

Genre: Action adventure / Science Fiction


About the Book:

Sabina’s Pursuit of the Holy Grail

Sabina is a gifted 18-year-old girl living in Sydney, in the year 2037. She carries a unique secret. Sabina used to be the Chosen One, but she failed to stop the apocalypse from occurring in the year 2887. As she died, she asked The True Maker to let her be reborn in 2019 and to keep her powers.

After narrowly escaping being raped, Sabina has an epiphany: That it is time for her to set out on her mission to find the Primordial Zeto Crystal, also known as the Holy Grail.

Sabina’s quest takes her to Jerusalem where evil men are after the Holy Grail for their own nefarious purposes. Facing the conspirators, Sabina sets out on a dangerous quest to find and purify the magical artefact, and to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

But stopping evil is not an easy task, and what sacrifices must Sabina make to reach her goal?


Sabina’s Quest to Open the Portal

Having secured the Zeto Crystal, Sabina must choose between love and duty.

Mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in Israel, Sabina finds solace in the handsome and empathetic Alexander O’Neill, and she experiences romantic love for the first time.

With the Zeto Crystal de-energised Sabina focuses on her relationship with Alex and raising funds for charity.

One day a new enemy emerges, which forces her to go to Mexico on the brink of civil war and face the difficult choice between love and duty.


Sabina’s Expedition to Stop the Apocalypse

After many ordeals, Sabina faces her nemesis, Rangda. But will Sabina overcome the evil that she tries to stop?

Having survived the civil war in Mexico, and having stopped Pierre Beaumont’s evil scheme, Sabina and Alex are recuperating in Hawaii.

Peace doesn’t last for long, as Martin Al-Sham re-emerges. His associates kidnap Alex, to force Sabina on a dangerous expedition.

Martin reveals that he has found a way to re-energise the Zeto Crystal, and that he needs Sabina to fulfil her destiny.


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


About the Author:

Martin is a Swedish male, born in the south of Sweden. He has lived in Australia since 2012 and has been writing fiction since 2013.

Martin writes Sci-Fi , Thriller, Action, Psychological Fantasy, as well as Dark Comedy genre.  Martin’s book has been translated into nine languages.

His long-term partner Elaine Hidayat is an Audiobook Narrator and helps to co-write and edit his self-published books, alongside promoting them on Youtube.

Check out Elaine Hidayat’s Youtube Channel for details.


Social Media Links:

Website: www.martinlundqvist.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/martinlundqvistauthor

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Book Blitz: ‘The Brightest Fell’ by Nupur Chowdhury


Title: The Brightest Fell

Author: Nupur Chowdhury

Genre: Science Fiction / Political Thriller


About the Book:

When nations are on the brink of war, to be innocent is not enough…

Fifteen years ago, Jehan Fasih designed a drug that could curb the instinct for violence (and rob the taker of their free will). Fifteen minutes ago, someone blew up the metro station to get their hands on his brainchild.

Jehan must make a decision, and time is running out.

Abhijat Shian and his sister, Rito, lost their jobs, and their family’s reputation, over the course of a single week.

The reason? Their father’s trusted protégé, Jehan Fasih, betrayed him and embroiled their family in one of the biggest corruption scandals the country has ever known.

The Shian siblings’ quest for revenge soon turns into a murky web of confusing motives and divided loyalties.

Is Fasih a genius or a madman? Is their father truly innocent or is there a trail of deceit and betrayal within the hallways of their childhood home?

The Brightest Fell is a gripping tale of loyalty, treason, corruption, patriotism, and political intrigue.



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Jehan walked through the labyrinthine hallways of the Parliament House in a daze. Some of his colleagues at the Institute had offered to accompany him to the meeting, albeit halfheartedly, but he’d refused. He hadn’t asked their permission before he put this thing in motion; it wouldn’t be fair to drag them into it now that it was time to face the music.

Besides, he might need their help yet. No point in burning bridges he might soon need to cross. He’d incinerated enough of them already.

Jehan shook his head, trying to pull his mind out of the funk it seemed to be sinking into with every passing day. He hoped he looked presentable. Too much caffeine and too little sleep had taken their toll on his appearance; not that he had ever looked particularly healthy to begin with.

He could count on his fingers the number of hours he had slept in the past week, and Dileep kept telling him he was losing weight he couldn’t afford to lose. He was probably right. His favorite cardigan hung off him like the rags off a scarecrow, and he’d had to punch an extra hole in his belt so his trousers wouldn’t fall off.

Jehan clutched at his sleeves and pulled them down over his fingers. He needed to buy a pair of gloves. Was it colder than usual this year, or was he coming down with something? God, please let it be global warming wrecking the planet’s weather cycle. He couldn’t afford to be sick right now.

And then his feet froze mid-step. Across the corridor, he could see Rajat step into the elevator hall and press the call button for one of the lifts.

For a few seconds, Jehan couldn’t make himself move. He stood there, biting his lip, feeling like a boy who had been summoned to the principal’s office for hiding in the library during sports-class. Every instinct told him to turn away and make a run for it.

Or to run to Rajat and apologize. Explain everything, and ask his mentor for the help and guidance he had always so generously provided. Jehan didn’t think he had ever needed Rajat more than he did now.

The elevator pinged, a tinny voice announcing the floor. Jehan forced himself into a brisk walk, stepping into the lift just as the doors were about to close. He was panting, and he realized a moment later that his hands were shaking. He clenched them into fists and shoved them into his pockets.

When he finally looked up, Rajat was staring at him like he had seen a ghost.

Seconds passed and neither of them said a word. Jehan parted his lips, tried to make his tongue form a greeting. But there was a stone lodged in his throat and nothing came out but a broken gasp. Fuck. What was he doing? Why on earth had he thought it would be a good idea to get on this lift with Rajat?

At length, Rajat raised an eyebrow. Had he practiced that look in a mirror? Surely, it wasn’t possible to convey that much contempt and disgust with a single expression without considerable practice.

He forced himself to hold the other man’s gaze, waiting for him to speak. Whatever he said, Jehan was sure he would have deserved it.


Jehan looked away. God, how he wished there’d been some curses and expletives attached to that question. Anything to distract from that sense of naked betrayal.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Rajat hit the little red emergency stop button so hard Jehan was vaguely surprised it didn’t break. “You’re right, I probably wouldn’t. Even I’m not stupid enough to believe the same lies over and over again. Or maybe I am. You’ve certainly proved to me that I’m far more gullible than I ever suspected.”


“Why are you here, Jehan?” The rage seemed to go out of Rajat almost as quickly as it had arrived, leaving behind a tired old man who looked like he had aged ten years in the few weeks since Jehan had seen him last. “Why did you board this lift? You could easily have gotten another one. What, you want to gloat about how clever you’ve been? Well, I’ll give you that. You were clever. And helpful, wittingly or otherwise. You exposed people in my own Cabinet that I’d never have suspected of being corrupt. I suppose I should thank you for that. But the game isn’t over yet, my boy,” he spat the words like they’d burned his tongue. “And the final scores might not be what you imagined.”

“I…” Jehan glanced down at his feet, trying to keep himself from fidgeting. “I just wanted to talk to you before…” he gave a half-shrug, glancing in the general direction of the east wing, where the meeting was to convene. “Before it all begins.”

Rajat laughed, but there was no humor in his voice. “It began when you called that press conference, Jehan. This is where it ends.” He pressed the red button again, restarting the lift. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, or who put you up to it. But you should know that I will find out, and I’ll never forget what you’ve done.”

The elevator grunted to a halt at their floor and the doors pinged open. Jehan stepped out, turned around, and forced himself to meet Rajat’s eyes one last time. “Then I hope with all my heart that a day will come when you’ll be able to exact your revenge, sir.”


About the Author:

I’m Nupur, and I am a writer. Over the years, that has beenpretty much the only constant of my identity. At the moment, I’m a copywriter by day, and a writer of over-the-top fiction and awkward poetry by night.

I’m also an enthusiastic – albeit painfully slow – reader, and a YouTube binge-watcher. I like coffee, papdi chaat, completed fanfics, and sleep. I dislike unnecessary cliffhangers, slow internet, abandoned WIPs, and being woken up in the morning.

I also like cats. All cats. Mine is called Leju, and she’s a baby demon with claws.

Social Media Links:

Blog: www.nupurink.blogspot.com

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/7787143.Nupur_Chowdhury

Twitter: @NupurC94

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Book Blitz: ‘Ms. Never’ by Colin Dodds


Title: Ms. Never

Author: Colin Dodds

Publisher: Dodds Amalgamated

Genre: Science Fiction / Metaphysical Fiction


About the Book:

· What do we give away when we click “I AGREE” to the terms of service in our phones?

· Why are the billionaires squirrelling away all that money?

· Why do old photographs and songs refer to a history we can’t remember?

· Why do professional sports teams need new stadiums so often?

· And why is everyone so depressed?

These are just a few mysteries that Ms. Never – a new science-fiction novel by Colin Dodds – takes on (and possibly solves) in startling fashion.

Farya Navurian seems like an ordinary young woman trying to get ahead in the city while struggling with depression. But her depression is anything but ordinary – it has the power to destroy time and space. Growing up the moody daughter of a space-faring hero of The Greater Anointed Imperial Ohioan Commonwealth, Farya annihilated most of that world and its history, leaving behind the husk-like Buckeye State.

One day at a record swap, she meets Bryan, a divorced telecom CEO. More than record collecting, what they share is that they each carry a howling secret. Bryan’s business is a cover for a bigger operation that buys human souls and sells luxury afterlives using shady terms of service in mobile-phone contracts.

The two of them fall in love, and as they start a life together, their secrets back them into a corner where they have to come clean – and take drastic steps – to save themselves, and possibly reality itself.

Ms. Never is a distinctly 21st-century vision of consent, memory, and the ways we create and destroy the world every day.


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Amazon – UK / US


About the Author:

Colin Dodds is a writer with several novels and books of poetry to his name. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. Since then, he’s made his living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. Over the last seven years, his writing has appeared in more than three hundred publications including Gothamist, Painted Bride Quarterly, and The Washington Post. His poetry collection Spokes of an Uneven Wheel was published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company in 2018. And his novel, Vice Nimrod, Communications, was longlisted for the 2019 Beverly Prize. Colin also writes screenplays, has directed a short film, and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. One time, he rode his bicycle a hundred miles in a day. He lives in New York City, with his wife and daughter.


Social Media Links:

Website: www.thecolindodds.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cdoddsauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColinDodds7

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