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Cover Reveal: ‘The Baby Blitz’ by Lex Martin

Title: The Baby Blitz
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber
Photo: Perrywinkle Photography
Release Date: February 21, 2023

Two pink lines won’t change the bad blood between us.I haven’t always hated my brother’s best friend, but Michael Oliver gets under my skin and brings out the worst in me. He knows how to push my buttons, and I relish pushing all of his. He betrayed my trust years ago, so I’ve made it my mission in life to aggravate him until he admits he was wrong. When his sister’s wedding brings us together, Michael suggests a truce for one night. If only he weren’t so handsome and smart, maybe I could resist the allure, but I’ve always been a little impulsive, and this man is my ultimate temptation. After years of pent-up frustration and unrequited lust, I finally let down my guard, and that’s all it takes for us to combust.But like all bad decisions, the morning after brings a reckoning, and I leave his hotel room swearing to never waste another moment of my time pining after him. Who needs that grumpy jerk warming her bed? Not me.I don’t let myself think about that steamy night together, or how it pained me to hear about his football injury, or how much I know he wants to get drafted so he can help his family. Because I’m cutting Michael out of my life for good.Only the two little pink lines mean I can’t forget him. Even if I desperately want to.* * *The Baby Blitz features a college football player and the feisty girl next door, the one he swore he’d never make a move on. One-click if you enjoy steamy enemies-to-lovers romances with lots of angst and humor. This is a companion standalone to The Varsity Dad Dilemma and Tight Ends & Tiaras.


Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of The Varsity Dad Dilemma, the Texas Nights series, and the Dearest series, books she hopes readers love but her parents avoid. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she resides in Texas with her husband, twin daughters, and a bunny named Dandelion.


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Cover Reveal: ‘Beast & Beauty Duet’ by Clarissa Wild

Beast & Beauty Duet
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Releasing September 1

He has a beastly instinct to devour everything in his path … until her.I am the giant, menacing monster, known only as the Beast.Sold to the mafia as a kid and trained to hunt, my life revolves around brutality and carnage.My home is a cell made of concrete and iron bars.And there is nothing I won’t do to be free.Until her.The innocent black-haired girl with pretty pink lips, whose father I was supposed to hunt, dares to get in my way.But when I grab her and look into her eyes, I can’t bring myself to finish the job.She makes me feel hope. Greed.And a frenzied desire to touch her.Taste her.Make her mine.I was supposed to destroy everything in my path.Instead, I took her … and consumed her whole.


My world is shuttered in darkness.Behind these bars, I become one with the shadows.I sleep in them. Breathe in them. Live in them.I simply just … exist.Until …CREAK.The door at the top of the stairs opens and a sliver of light is cast down into my cell.Onto me.Huddled in the corner, I stay put, eyes half-closed but vigilant.THUD. THUD. THUD.Two feet slowly appear, as though it costs him great trouble to even walk. Then the rest of his body appears, his chest rising and falling with each step, as if even coming down here costs him a great deal.Patience.Energy.Everything I have.Everything he doesn’t.I watch as his wrinkly face comes into view. His lip curls up, barely taking the time to form the words as he spews them. “Beast.”My nostrils flare at the sound of his voice. At the beckoning and my mandatory call.But I stay put in my cell, watching him from afar.A filthy smile appears on his face. “I have a job for you.”His hand dives into his pocket and he pulls out a photograph of what appears to be a family of just two. A man with a potbelly and a beard just like my owner’s, and a girl with her back towards the camera, huddled over a piano.My owner approaches my cell and presses the photograph against the bars. “Bring me his head.”I step out from the shadows and into the light. Every footstep is another thud on the stone ground beneath my feet. His body quakes the closer I get, until my frame towers over his. Until the only thing separating us are thick metal rods.My house.My prison.I snatch the photograph from his hand and study the image carefully, taking in every detail. The colors, the view behind the window, the man’s wretched smile … and the girl’s beautiful, flowing black hair that reminds me of the sea of shadows I call home.A small strand of hair tucks behind her ear, and an inch of her blushed cheeks are visible, along with the edge of rose coral lips hiding behind the veil of darkness.A hint of a smile.Like a promise.A secret.I swallow.“Kill anyone who gets in your way.”My eyes flicker up to meet his. “Anyone?”“I don’t care.” His lips curl up like a wolf. “Kill. Them. All.”Kill.I like that word.It’s all I’ve ever known.All I ever understood.The only thing that will ever get me where I want to be.Out.

Releasing September 8

I thought I could escape the Beast … but he already devoured my heart. When the Beast took me and dragged me back to his cell, I thought my life was over.In the darkness, he watched me.Yearned for me.Tasted me. He loved my scars, called me a beauty …Made me irrevocably his. Until his owner finally let him out …And his final task was to destroy my father.The only thing that stood between them was me. Faced with an impossible choice, I run.But even the beauty can’t escape the claws of the Beast.


Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals. Want to get an email when my next book is released? Sign up here to receive 4 FREE short stories: https://www.clarissawild.com/newsletter

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Release Blitz: ‘Tight Ends & Tiaras’ by Lex Martin

Title: Tight Ends & Tiaras
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 5, 2022

USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin delivers a swoony, single dad romance about a college football player and the fake girlfriend he knows he should resist. Football is one hundred percent the focus of my life—until a squawking toddler, with a temper to rival my own, lands in my lap and flips my life upside down. I’ll never be Dad of the Year. Anyone will tell you that. Except maybe Sienna, my sister’s former roommate, who somehow manages to make my broody ass laugh and sees something in me no one else does. When Sienna offers to let me and my little princess move in with her, I’m not sure if it’s to help or because she wants revenge on my teammate and long-time rival, who broke her heart. Either way, I’m game. Because I need to get my ex off my back, and Sienna doesn’t mind pretending to be my girlfriend. Only neither of us is ready for the sparks that fly between us or the consequences when they do.  What you can expect:– sexy single dad– fake dating– sports romance– slow burn but steamy– opposites attract– college football– small town

$3.99 for a limited time

Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of The Varsity Dad Dilemma, the Texas Nights series, and the Dearest series, books she hopes readers love but her parents avoid. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she resides in Texas with her husband, twin daughters, and a bunny named Dandelion.


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Release Blitz: ‘Royal Rebel’ by JJ Knight

Title: Royal Rebel
Author: JJ Knight
Genre: Standalone Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 13, 2022

You’ve never made a mistake like mine.It’s bad enough being a bloomin’ princess.It’s not all cake and tiaras.There’s rules. Expectations.Your internet is censored. Your cell phones are tapped.And your father is literally king.Mine made a law that no man between the age of seven and thirty is allowed to work inside the palace.Which means I’m surrounded by kitchen staff, female guards, and a dusty old tutor named Maurice.Now I’m twenty-three with zero experience around men. I’ve never even texted one.But on the castle lawn, there are dozens of hunky new guards working out below the tower. I spy on them every day.I’ve chosen one.Kind. Beautiful. Strong.I sneak through the underground tunnels to surprise him in the rose garden and tell him how I feel.Except when I finally confess my love through the trellis, and we walk to the end of the hedge to begin our forbidden romance…I realize I’ve accidentally propositioned the biggest playboy in the palace.__Royal Rebel is a standalone romantic comedy about a princess who breaks all the rules, overzealous donkeys that interrupt make-out sessions, and a hunky guard who thinks he’ll never, ever, limit himself to one woman — until he does.

Free in Kindle Unlimited

He turns, and my breath catches. The moon caresses his rugged, charming face. He’s been with me every step of his new journey. I trust him completely.“I need your help with something.”His gaze meets mine and something in my belly goes liquid.“Of course.”“I—I’m nervous about something. Really nervous. And you’re one of my best friends. And luckily, a boy.” A nervous giggle tries to escape, but I clamp it down.His eyebrows draw together the smallest amount, but he waits me out.“I — I’ve never kissed anyone. I would like to try it. Would you do it? It wouldn’t be like cheating on Gregor, I don’t think. You’re like a — a brother to me. Okay, that’s weird. I would never kiss Leo. But you’re a trusted friend. Someone who would tell me if I did it wrong. If I was bad. I mean, you’d know. You’ve kissed a thousand girls. You’re an expert.”A muscle in his jaw ticks. “You should save your first kiss for Gregor.”“I don’t think you would be my real first kiss. Any more than my mother kissing me goodnight or the French ambassador pecking my cheeks.”His Adam’s apple bobs and his gaze cuts away. He’s not going to do it. I’ve asked too much.“I’m sorry. Nevermind. That was crazy. It’ll be fine.” I turn away from him to look out on the small park at the center of the square where the townspeople sing in the mornings.“Kissing me wouldn’t be like your brother, or your mother, or the French ambassador,” he says.“Not at all.”

JJ Knight is the USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy including Tasty Mango and Big Pickle.

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Blog Tour: ‘The Vicomte’s Prize’ by Patrica Bates

Title: The Vicomte’s Prize

Author: Patrica Bates

Publisher: Champagne Book Group (August 30, 2021)

Releases on: August 30, 2021

Genre: Historical Romance

Language: English


About the Book:

When his younger brother is summoned to Versailles, Vicomte Frederique de la Tour decides to intervene and takes his place. King Louis’s XV court is stunned when instead of a lad, the legendary spy, known to his underworld associates only as The Wolf arrives.

Lady in Waiting Hélène d’Ètoilles’ life has been serene: Serve Her Majesty the Queen of France with grace and obedience. Now her life and her sense of self are in turmoil when she discovers she’s been gifted to a nobleman for his family’s loyalty and years of service. No longer a lady in waiting to the Queen of France, she’s thrown into a world of subterfuge and passion, of lust and power.

Find it on Amazon:





A soft rapping at her door pulled Hélène from a light sleep. She rolled over and squinted at the faint light filtering through the curtains into the room. Yawning, she tossed the covers back and reached to strike a match and light a candle. 

With the flickering flame offering more light, she turned to greet the unexpected visitor. “Yes?” 

“Hélène?” The door opened a crack and Elisabeth, another of the queen’s ladies, stuck her head in the door. “May I come in?” The young woman’s round, pixie like face was filled with expectation. 

Unwilling to crush the girl’s hope, Hélène ignored the enticement of her bed and sleep and nodded. “Of course.” She pushed her hair from her face and sat up. She smoothed the covers over her lap and rushed to light another tall candle. “You are up late.” 

“Non, early. ʼTis nearly six in the morning.” Elisabeth scurried over to perch on the edge of the bed. “I have heard a rumor.” She smoothed the fabric of her peach-colored skirts over her knees and crossed her ankles. 

“Oh?” Elisabeth leaned forward as though to whisper a secret she’d not want revealed to anyone. Hélène felt a moment’s irritation at the girl’s actions, they were alone within the chamber and no one would hear them unless they cried out. 

“I have heard that the king has taken you for a mistress. Her Majesty is quite heartbroken about it. She favors you, you know.” 

Hélène choked at the words. She could feel the color bleach from her face and shook her head. “Non, ʼtis not true. I have no lover.” She nearly gagged on the lie, only to push aside the guilt. It was the truth. She had no lover even if the king himself found one suitable for her. Her bed was still empty. 

“But Lady Kitty said she saw you leaving the king’s chambers yesterday after a lengthy visit.” Elisabeth wrung her hands, a frown pulling her delicate brows together. “‘Tis no shame in being the king’s lover; it’s considered quite an honor. Why, just last week Mademoiselle Beauchièr was boasting of her father’s intent to give her to the king.” 

“I promise you, that falsehood holds no water. I was with our beloved king and his mistress, Lady de Boucher. He has a nobleman coming in two days and has decided I am to entertain the young man. He was instructing me in my duties,” she explained, hoping her friend wouldn’t notice the flush on her cheeks.

About the Author:

Canadian author Patricia Bates writes dark and edgy historical and contemporary suspense romances. Because to bleed is to survive, but it’s by loving that we truly live.

She has two Best Sellers under her belt for Champagne Book Group and Beachwalk Press.

For more details on Patricia, you can visit her at her website: www.patriciabates.com

Or join her on www.facebook.com/romanceauther



Want more of Patricia Bates’s books? Insight into her characters? Join her mailing list here: https://tinyurl.com/5cj4k5er

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