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Cover Reveal: ‘Chasing Ellie’ by Paige P. Horne

Title: Chasing Ellie
A Chasing Fireflies Standalone Spin Off
Author: Paige P. Horne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Cassandra Roop @ Pink Ink Designs
Release Date: May 12, 2017
I’m the wild girl whose mom decided she didn’t want to live anymore. I grew up with a daddy who only had half a heart, in a town where everyone knows everyone. I’ve feared love nearly my whole life because I’ve seen first-hand what losing it looks like. It’s ugly, it’s scary and its pain is almost unbearable. When I was nine years old, my daddy told me you’ll only find one true love in this life.“It’s the rarest but truest love there is, Little Miss. You find it and you never let it go.”

But I didn’t share the chief’s feelings.

Until one summer day when a brown eyed boy with a busted lip and a smirk, showed up in the small town of Green Ridge. Tommy Kingsley started to change everything. The boy from the south side of Chicago taught me that love isn’t something to be feared and that it’s the only thing that makes everything else worth it. He gave me hope and this story tells you how.

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Author Bio

Paige P. Horne lives in a small town in middle Georgia with her husband and two dogs. She’s always been a lover of words and imagination. When she isn’t waiting tables at her part-time job, she can usually be found typing away on her laptop, coming up with stories that’ll more than likely give you all the feels. She writes from the deepest part of her soul. It’s her passion, and now that she’s started, she’ll never stop. For more info on Paige, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Made to Love’ by S.M. West

Title: Made to Love
Author: S.M. West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: May 5, 2017
Burned by love once before, divorcee Olivia Cassidy isn’t looking for a recipe for “happily ever after”. The first time she thought she found forever, it turned out to be a marriage with no sizzle and no spice.

Busy starting up her own business and raising two older children, love is the last thing Olivia is looking for—but when the sexy young chef Samson Beaulieu comes into her life, he’s suddenly mixing up something new.

Now it’s up to Sam to show Olivia how delectable their future can be. He may know how to heat things up—both in the kitchen and in the bedroom—but is Sam really made to love her?



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“Ladies, you left without saying goodbye,” he playfully admonishes, holding his hand over his heart like he’s wounded by our callous departure.

“We’re so sorry,” Erin purrs, stepping out from behind me to plant her palm on his forearm.

Sam briefly flicks his eyes to her before shifting to pin them on me, their sea green depths shimmering with something akin to hunger.

“Olivia, can we talk for a moment?”

Fits of giggles erupt from both Sin and Erin. Yes, these are my best friends, although I’m seriously reconsidering that at this moment as the two grown-ass women act like a bunch of star-struck teenagers.

Hanging my head in sheer embarrassment, I mutter, “Would you please leave us alone?”

Sam confidently inches closer to me, then it hits me—my friends’ lame outburst has diverted my attention from the real concern. Sam. I’m wildly turned on by this hot young man standing before me.

Stepping back, out of the circle of light, I’m plunged into darkness. Moving into the same spot I just vacated, his striking frame is illuminated by the fluorescent glow from above, like a spotlight beaming down on the main attraction. If I didn’t know he was a chef, I’d swear he was a model.

“I don’t usually do this,” he says.

“Do what?” I’m confused, my mind reeling and heart battering.

“Chase women.”

I snort. Real attractive, Olivia.

“Is that what you’re doing?” I quirk an eyebrow in question. He nods once, his smile still in place. “Well actually, come to think of it, of course you don’t. They usually fall at your feet,” I sarcastically add at the memory of the evening’s revolving door of women surrounding the kitchen. I bet tonight was an average turnout for him.

“Fall at my feet?” He chuckles, one side of his lips tipping up in amusement. “I must’ve missed that because I don’t remember any women at my feet. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have forgotten that.”

“I guess we see things differently,” I quip. “What do you want, Sam?”

“I want you to go out with me.”

Didn’t he get the hint? I shot him down in the restaurant. Damn, he’s beautiful. He could have anyone—so why me?



Author Bio

SM West was born on an island paradise on the shortest day and longest night of the year, Winter Solstice. Perhaps that’s why she’s a night owl? She loves romance and intrigue with intensity and edge. Her stories are about characters with brave hearts who fall wildly in love. If she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging with her family, planning her next adventure, enjoying a glass of wine and indulging in chocolate.

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Author Interview: ‘Torn’ by Simon Williams

About the Book:

My father taught me that life wasn’t meant to be easy. I don’t think that he knew it was going to be as difficult for me as it was.

Only when we start to die, do we stop apologizing for who we are and what we go through.

After suffering an unimaginable heart break, a dejected man suffers through depression and frustration.

After four years of misery he considers ending it all.

What began as a suicide note then turns into a hilarious, disruptive and unapologetic book series.

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Torn by Simon John Williams


by Simon John Williams

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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I have always been a bit of a lost soul and have spent the last 20-odd years either running away from something or running to find something. I wasn’t sure till one day I found what I wanted and then I knew I had been searching. My writing is a classic chicken and the egg story. I have always loved to express myself with writing in some way, I have always known that I harbour feelings of frustration and depression. Whether I write because I am depressed, or I am depressed because I write, I don’t know. To finally sit down with the drive and nerve to write my first three books came about because of an overwhelming tragedy that was going on in my life that I needed to find a way to remove my feelings from.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

During the stillness of the day is my favourite. Either early in the morning before the sun comes up or late, late at night. When everyone in my house is asleep and it is only myself, my thoughts and a hot cup of tea. Because of when I like to write, the downstairs kitchen table has become the default location. Trying to write in a room while my wife is sleeping is an absolute nonstarter and a danger to my health.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

For my first books, I went simple, start with the idea of the inanity of life. That is a universal subject and I know it well, as I have screwed up plenty. Plus, I have an insidious form of ADD. I can be doing something completely unrelated to writing and ideas flood into my head. Running on the treadmill – ideas about plot. Watering my vege garden – ideas about character. Scaling Mt. Everest – ideas about improving a punchline for a joke. I have exactly 30 seconds to write it down or it disappears and I cannot remember what it is. Where those thoughts come from? Buggered if I know. All my ideas at the end of the day come from either the piece of paper in my pocket, or in a WhatsApp message that I told my wife to send me.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I don’t even know where I put my car keys when I get home from work. I think my story writing is like hot air ballooning. There is the designated starting point, but after that… good luck where I end up. I think things are more interesting that way, at least for me as the writer. Otherwise writing a book would be like repeating 5th grade geography for 10 years. I know what is going to be on the test already but I still must sit through the same class every day. Plus, it helps that I write in a stream of consciousness style like James Joyce. I think he also was an avid hot air balloonist.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

My first three books are all humor, because they are about the most depressing experience someone can have in life. I didn’t get to choose, the genre picked me as I needed to write to cheer myself up. They are memoirish, but my life has been quite exotic so it appears to be fictional. I like writing about real things, real people, real experiences. Truth is stranger than fiction, therefore a great deal more interesting and relatable I think. Who honestly can relate to 50 Shades of Gray outside of a drunken fantasy that you tell your BFF in the bathroom of the nightclub?

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

Ha. Well I already have Keanu Reeves pegged for a minor role as a cricket umpire. Meryl Streep to play a prostitute in a Montevideo brothel I found myself in. Wesley Snipes can play himself, when he gets out of jail. David Schwimmer can play himself, Billy Campbell too, Angelina Jolie likewise. Other than those people, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can play the characters, as they are the ordinary people who see every day, going about their business and taking care of their shit.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors.

I wish I could read a lot more. Sometimes in life you must prioritize what you have time for and I have had little time for anything else outside of work and writing for 6 months. I hope to soon get back to getting drunk on Friday nights and acknowledging to my wife and step kids that they are alive.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I am reading something titled, ‘You’ve spent 6 months writing a book, here are a list of chores you have neglected during that time.’ Actually no, that is a note from my wife.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

The Plum Rain Scroll. A Children’s book I read nearly 40 years ago. Have read it again maybe 50 times since and thought I would like to write children’s books as this book inspired me to imagine and dream. I rewrote it as a screenplay and pitched it to Hollywood, but have not gotten any interest. I love Bill Bryson and Clive Cussler as authors. This new book about chores that I haven’t done for 6 months has really caught my attention though. Don’t think I will be able to put it down, if I value my life.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Tell your family and friends you love them, then say good-bye. If married, get a good pre-nup in place first so your partner doesn’t take everything when they leave you. Stand in front of the mirror and say, ‘Your book sucks,’ a thousand times or until you stop being offended and demoralized by this. Understand that your book sucks. Understand that it doesn’t matter your book sucks. Understand that it only matters when you stop working night and day to improve your book so it doesn’t suck. (Refer back to getting that pre-nup signed)

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work? 

I am not a big on social media outside of Amazon and Goodreads. The time I would need to dedicate to anything more would push my wife over the edge. Will that make it harder for me to get read and develop an audience? Probably, but it would be harder for me to walk to a book signing with two broken legs. I will rely on word of mouth and hope that Donald Trump gets pissed at me for some reason and abuses me on his Twitter. That would be good.

Other books in series:

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About the Author:

If sarcasm was your acceptable daily allowance of protein, then author Simon Williams would be a juicy 12-ounce steak sandwiched between two pieces of red meat. In a recent Facebook posting of the 37 things people regret when they die, there was only one item he hadn’t done. Let go of a grudge, but he doesn’t regret it.

Born in Townsville, Queensland he now lives in Miami, Florida. He always wanted to move to Leningrad but is buggered if he can find where it is on a map. He has spent half his life having to tell Americans that he grew up near Sydney, as most of them have no idea that Australia has another city.

He started writing as a young man, first with a crayon, then a pencil, finally graduating to a ball point pen. His sense of humor was developed over 8 years of boarding school. As a way of both evading having the crap beaten out of him, while also dealing with being a smart boy who sat at the back of the class, but who couldn’t see the board because he refused to wear his glasses.

His favourite pastime is trolling his mates on Facebook and taking the piss out of them. He has only been unfriended twice, on both occasions by his wife.

Connect with Simon:

GoodreadsAmazon Author Page UK

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Cover Reveal: ‘Boomerangers’ by Heather M. Orgeron



Title: Boomerangers
Author: Heather M. Orgeron
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera, Jersey Girl
Release Date: April 27, 2017

Boomerangers [boo-muh-rang-ers] noun, informal: an adult that moves back home to live with a parent after a period of independence.


I love sex. I love the power, the intimacy, the euphoria it brings. Too bad I’m not having any . . . You’d think as New Orleans’ most renowned sex therapist that I’d be swimming in single men. In a way, I am . . . except for the fact that one is in diapers and the other two are drowning in preteen hormones. As a single mother of three, my days are devoted to my clients and my kids, and my nights are spent with Fabio, my trusty vibrator. When my world begins to unravel, I have no choice but to move back home. And when my high school sweetheart comes waltzing back into my life, comedy and chaos ensue.

What can I say? I never said I could pick ’em, but you can bet your ass I know how to fix ’em.


As soon as the ink dried on my divorce papers, I made myself a solemn vow: I was done with relationships. Moving home to take over my father’s firm was the plan, until Spencer decided to return, along with three souvenirs from the life she’s lived without me.

I’ve been in love with the girl next door for nearly all of my life; the rest was spent trying to forget her. I’d give almost anything for a second chance with her, but I have no time for distractions—especially the kind that involve diapers, bottles, and eighteen-year commitments.

The problem is, she’s already got me by the balls . . . and I’m beginning to feel the noose tightening around my heart.

Author Bio


Heather M. Orgeron is a Cajun girl with a big heart and a passion for romance. She married her high school sweetheart two months after graduation and her life has been a fairytale ever since. She’s the queen of her castle, reigning over five sons and one bossy little princess who has made it her mission in life to steal her Momma’s throne. When she’s not writing, you will find her hidden beneath mounds of laundry and piles of dirty dishes or locked in her tower (aka the bathroom) soaking in the tub with a good book. She’s always been an avid reader and has recently discovered a love for cultivating romantic stories of her own.

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Release Blitz: ‘Resistance on Ice’ by S. R. Grey



Title: Resistance on Ice
Series: Boys of Winter #2
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance/Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Photographer: CJC Photography
Model: Adrian Gomez
Release Date: April 10, 2017

Hockey star Nolan Solvenson is nothing short of skilled perfection, both on and off the ice. Or so everyone thinks. His teammates are constantly hitting him up for advice, but really, when it comes to his own life, Nolan can’t seem to make the right moves anymore.

Blame it all on Lainey Shelburne, a woman he wants but is determined to keep at arm’s length. That’s why, after a few sexy encounters, he unceremoniously blows her off.

When they’re reunited, facing off against the fiery cocktail waitress becomes the challenge of his life. Lainey is furious with him for dumping her and wants nothing more than to kick him in the junk. But Nolan—typical man—is only interested in getting Lainey back in his bed.

That plan is shot all to hell when they reach a shaky truce and Lainey drops the bomb that all she’s looking for now is a “just friends” relationship with Nolan.

Take that, Mr. Hot Right Winger!

Suddenly, the “know-it-all” athlete is skating on thin ice as he tries to hide his burgeoning feelings from the one woman who has the ability to thaw his heart. But is Lainey willing to try a relationship with him again? Can Nolan resist the urge to walk away?

Resistance on Ice is a fun standalone novel and the second installment in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series.





Scene set-up: Nolan is not happy about being interviewed by radio shock jock, Marty Quick, and there’s a good reason why….

Marty finishes up with his Stanley Cup questions, and goes straight to the place that had me dreading this interview in the first place.

“Let’s get to the good stuff, Solvenson,” he begins, grinning over at me like a perv. “Word on the street is you’re quite the ladies’ man.”

Looking down at the tiny table that separates me from the host in what has taken on the feel of a far too enclosed space, I run my hand through my dark hair. “I don’t know about that,” I reply. “Rumors are usually just that—rumors.”

He’s unconvinced, I can tell, but too bad. This is a question I plan to evade like my reputation depends on it. And it may. After I fucked things up with Lainey back in April, I was so distraught that I sought out solace in the form of a slew of strippers.

And I don’t mean I found comfort in being with a new one night after night.

Er, though I may have done some of that too.

“Aw, come on,” Marty continues in his patented taunting tone. “All of Canada—no, wait, all of North America wants an answer.” Shit, this show does have a far reach. “Is it true you banged ten strippers in one night?”

I laugh nervously. “No, no, that’s not true at all.”

It was actually nine and occurred over the course of two days, but who’s counting?

Not me. And not anyone else if I have anything to say about it. Besides, the only thing that matters is I’m not technically lying.

See, that’s my shtick in life—being clever, outwitting everyone. I’m a wise old sage at the age of twenty-six. My teammates call me things like “sensei” and “Yoda.” And, hey, I’m cool with that. Why wouldn’t I be? It works out great for me.

That’s why if I stick to the gray areas now with Marty, I can successfully evade giving him a straight answer for the next ten minutes, the time left in the interview.

Yeah, you’re real clever all right. So clever you outwitted your own damn self with the shit you pulled with Lainey.

“You look a little uneasy there,” Shock Jock observes when he sees me frowning. “You sure there’s not even a modicum of truth to that stripper story.”

“Yep, I’m sure,” I snap.

I need to get out of here, and fast. I’m done talking about strippers. And I’m done with this shitty interview. But most of all, I’m done with staying away from Lainey. It’s time we have a talk—a real talk.

And if talking doesn’t work, I’ll do what I do best—fuck her till she agrees to start seeing me again.

Also Available


Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

S.R. Grey is an Amazon Top 100 and a #1 Barnes & Noble Bestselling author. She is the author of the brand new Boys of Winter hockey romance series, the popular Judge Me Not books, the Promises series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the Laid Bare series of novellas. Ms. Grey’s works have appeared on multiple Amazon Bestseller lists, including Top 100 several times. She is also a #1 Bestselling Author on Barnes & Noble and a Top 100 Bestselling Author on iTunes.

Author Links



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